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What was the main influence on american pop music?
African Drumming/rythmic patterns
What did the Radio Act of 1912 establish?
The governments 1st attempt at regulating the radio. (started lisence)
What types of music came into play in the 1930's?
Big Band and Swing
The FCC's Chain Broadcasting Rules did what?
prohibited the networks from forcing programming on affiliates....put the networks out of the talent-booking business
Broadcast Radio - Sub genres WHY?
narrowcasting which led to better advertising
Broadcast Radio - How were more stations avaliable?
I cost less to make stations and produce music (no live bigbands)
What is syndication?
Companies that produce content for networks
What did the Telecommunication act of 1996 do?
deregulated media industries
Ex. Clear Channel bought up mad stations
O&O's vs. Affiliates who makes the mad $$ and why?
O&O's because all the content is free and advertising goes directly to the company.
What is so great about satelite radio?
It avoids the FCC's policies on indecent exposure and the 7 dirty words.
EX. howard stern
What was the 1st moving picture?
The Galloping Horse - a bet by Edward Muybridge
horse's name - Sallie Gardner
What was the 1st movie?
and how long was it?
The Great Train Robbery
12 minutes in duration
What was the 1st feature film?
Birth of a Nation "KKK"
What gave movie studio's a large concentration of power in 1948?
They owned writers, actors, studios, and the theatre/distribution
What caused the break of the Concentration of power in the movie studios?
The government saw a vertical monopoly which led to the studios departure from the distribution aspect of the business
Studio's vs. TV (1950's)
What was the response of the studio's when TV started to threaten the market?
They started to produce big blockbuster expensive films.
EX. Sparticus
In 1922 The Hay's Office did what?
In 1922 the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America tried to CENSOR films
Why did the Studio scene move to hollywood?
Nice Weather, cheap property, far from NY (Bootleg Police)
What do Movies of the future bring?
DLP technology, 5.1 dolby digital sound, cheaper distribution
What are some film genres?
Film Noir (gothic), comedy, action, ect.
How do people come up with new ideas for movies and television shows?
take two or more allready popular genres and mix them
What is the Order of release windows for a Film?
Feature, Foriegn,PPV/On Demand, DVD, pay tv, foriegn tv, US network tv, syndication
What window of distribution do movies make the most profit?
DVD release
What age of audience gives the most revenue to the a Feature Film in the theatre distribution window?
people 18-36

dvd's for older folks w/ more $$
What is known as the BEST movie ever?
King Kong - used front/rear projection, matting, and composition
What happened in 1948 that caused tv to stop?
"THE FREEZE" the government stopped it because they didnt have set regulations yet
What the dooce are the Fin-Syn Rules?
"Financial Syndication" it limited how much content the networks could create for themselves
UHF rules in the 1970's
Ultra High Frequencey - allowed pretty much anyone who wanted a tv station to have one but they broadcasted a weak signal
Who were the BIG 3 and what other network jumped in to break up the squad?
NBC, ABC, CBS, and rupert murdoch's FOX jumped into the mix
Who are the BIG 5?
Disney, Viacom, New Corp, TimeWarner, NBC/Universal
Why are Game Shows so popular for networks?
They are a form of Cheap entertainment
What are some programming strgeties?
Hammock - sandwich a new show between old popular shows

Blocks - ex. comedy block

Stunting - switching up times of an allready popular show
What is the role of the CPB?
(corporation for public broadcasting) they play the middle man between congress's money and distribution to channels like PBS
Genre TV channels?
NOT like spike tv

WEATHER CHANNEL is allways news
Who made the first computer and what was it called?
Turing created the first computer and it was called Colossus
What was the first PC?
Actually there are 3 debated ones...
Alto, Altair, and Apple 2
What was the first popular computer game?
When was the Net BORN?
1991 was the birth of the net
What was the first operating computer network and what was it made for?
ARPANET - used for military Defense - Nuclear warefare
What was SABRE?
the first form of internet AirLine Reservations
What did the birth of the WWW bring?
All of the cool fun junk -> The content on the web
Role of MPAA motion pix
They created ratings for movies because the Censorship was a flop
What was the governments attempt to ban email spam?
The Can Spam Law -> not effective