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CN 2 is the ...
optic nerve
CN 9 is the ...
glossopharyngeal nerve
CN 10 is the...
vagus nerve
CN 11 is the ...
accessory nerve
CN 12 is the ...
hypoglossal nerve
CN 6 is the ...
abducens nerve
CN 8 is the ...
vestibulocochlear nerve
CN 5 is the ...
trigeminal nerve
Of the trigeminal, ... goes to the eye
V1 - opthalmic nerve
of the trigeminal nerve, ... goes through the foramen rotundum
V2 - maxillary nerve
of the trigeminal nerve, ... goes through the foramen ovale
V3 - mandibular nerve
CN 3 is the ...
oculomotor nerve
CN 4 is the ...
trochlear nerve
V1 goes through what?
Superior orbital fissure
V2 goes through what?
foramen rotundum
V3 goes through what?
foramen ovale
CN 1 passes through the ...
cribiform plate
CN 2 passes through the ...
optic canal
CN 3,4,V1, and 6 pass through the ...
superior orbital fissure
V2 passes through the ...
foramen rotundum
V3 passes through the ...
foramen ovale
CN 7 and 8 pass through the ...
internal acoustic meatus
CN 9, 10, and 11 pass through the ...
jugular foramen
CN 12 pass through the ...
hypoglossal canal
which trigeminal nerve goes to the pterygopalatine fossa?
which trigeminal nerve goes to the orbit?
which trigeminal nerve goes to the infratemporal fossa?
the foramen ovale is the "doorway" to what 2 "rooms"?
middle cranial fossa
infratemporal fossa
which fossa is behind the mandible?
infratemporal fossa
what is the lateral boundary of the infratemporal fossa?
ramus of mandible
what is the medial boundary of the infratemporal fossa?
pterygoid process
what is the roof boundary of the infratemporal fossa?
(laterally and medially)
-laterally: temporalis m.
-medially: greater wing of the sphenoid
what is the anterior boundary of the infratemporal fossa?
infratemporal surface of the maxilla
what is the posterior and floor boundary of the infratemporal fossa?
it is open
what is the doorway in the ceiling of the infratemporal fossa?
foramen ovale
what nerve, artery, and "internal masseters" make up the infratemporal contents?
V3 mandibular nerve
maxillary artery
medial pterygoid
lateral pterygoid
what are the 4 major sensory branches of the V3 mandibular nerve?
inferior alveolar
how are the V3 mandibular motor nerves named?
after the muscle that it goes to.
what nerve runs with the superficial temporal artery and travels from medial to lateral?
auriculotemporal nerve
what nerve at what foramen provides sensation to the chin?
mental nerve
mental foramen
what nerve gives sensation to the cheek area?
buccal nerve
which nerve innervates the skin around the ear? Formed by 2 branches which course around the middle meningeal artery.
auriculotemporal n.
which nerve supplies the anterior 2/3rds of the tongue for general sense? it's joined by the chorda tympani (CN 7) which is responsible for taste to the ant. 2/3rds of tongue, and secretomotor to sublinqual and submandibular glands.
lingual n.
which nerve enters the mandibular foramen on the inner surface of the mandible? Within the mandibular canal, the nerve provides sensory innervation to the lower teeth. At the mental foramen, the mental nerve exits and provides sensory innervation to the chin.
inferior alveolar
which nerve passes along the inner surface of the mandible below the mylohyoid line? Provides motor fibers to the mylohyoid and anterior belly of the digastric.
mylohyoid branch of inferior alveolar n.
what is the blood supply to the infratemporal fossa? This artery usually passes deep to the inferior head of the lateral pterygoid and crosses the infratemporal fossa from lateral to medial.
maxillary artery
what is the lateral opening of the infratemporal fossa?
mandibular notch
what is the medial opening? (doorway between infratemporal and pterygopalatine fossas)
pterygomaxillary fissure
what 3 openings are superior to the infratemporal fossa?
-foramen ovale
-foramen spinosum
-petrotympanic fissure
what does the foramen ovale and foramen spinosum lead to?
middle cranial fossa (MCF)
what nerve emerges from the foramen ovale?
what artery emerges from the foramen spinosum?
middle meningeal artery
what nerve emerges from the petrotympanic fissure?
chorda tympani
The parasympathetics from CN 9 (glossopharyngeal nerve) hitch a ride on a branch of ... to supply the parotid gland
what nerve does this describe?
-preganglionic parasympathetics leave CN 9 distal to the jugular foramen as the tympanic branch. Re-enters skull through jugular foramen forms a plexus in the middle ear, reappears in the middle cranial fossa as this.
-lies lateral to the GPN and exits through foramen ovale.
-preganglionics synapse in the otic ganglion.
lesser petrossal nerve
the lesser petrosal nerve runs parallel with what other nerve?
greater petrossal nerve
the otic ganglion lies just medial to V3 below the what foramen?
foramen ovale
which nerve is this?
-origin from trunk of V3
-usually splits around middle meningeal artery
-contains postganglionics fibers from otic ganglion and distributes these fibers to parotid gland.
auriculotemporal nerve
the cell bodies of origin of the auriculotemporal nerve are ... ganglion (autonomic) and the ... ganglion (sensory)