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Puritan Reflex
Look at nature and thing of gods workings and laws. Looks at a tree and arrives at god
Anne Bradstreet.
Proper Puritan Attitude
Dimishes her own importance next to god. Looks at man, then nature, then god, man being the lowest.
Living so little while we are alive; in easting, drinking, sleeping, vain delight. So unawares comes on perpetual night and puts all pleasures vain unto eternal flight.
Bradstreet. bible men lived for hundreds of years, evidence of degernative fall from Adam. death sneaks up on you so you must search your soul now.
While on the stealing stream i fixt mine eye, which to the longed for ocean held its course, I marked, nor crooks, nor rubs, that there die lie. could hinder aught, but still augment is force. till thou arrive at they beloved place nor is it rocks or shoals that can obstruct thy pace.
Anne Bradstreet - Its hard to get to god due to materialization but.streams go to and fro but not even strongest can stop it.
While musing thus with conteplation fed, and thousand fancies buzzing in my brain, the sweet tongued philomel perched over my head and chanted forth a most melodious strain which rapt me so with wonder and delight I judged my hearing better than my sight, and wished me wings with her a while to take my flight.
Anne bradstreet - brids ability to fly south then north, it has its destinations in the world they dont have to deal with the physical struggles like humans that are frail. Evidence that we don't belong here we are not of this world, this is a test from god.
The Flesh and spirit
Imagery of warfare believed they were of gods chosen to be at war against the evil.
Edward Taylor
Gods determinations, upon a wasp chilled with cold
Gods Determinations
Edward Taylor building everything out of nothing is a divine mystery - all paradoxes. Demonstrates gods absolute power.
Upon a Wasp chilled with cold
Edward Taylor Speaker of poem describing a story and then having learned something, professes.
Wasp must not only take in the warmth of the sun but also rub its body too.
Edward Taylor - represents you must not only take the glory of god but also preform of your own merit before you will achieve pure holiness.
Lord, clear myh misted sight that I may hence view thy divinity, some sparks whereof thoug up dost hasp within this little downy wasp. In whose small corporation we a school and a schoolmaster see
Edward Taylor - Deeper meaning, watch nature and arrive at god.
Tabula Rasa
Minds are empty at birth
Johnathan Edwards
The last puritan defender.

Images or shadows of divine things, a diving and supernatural light, sinners in the hands of an angry good.
Johnathan Edwards Meanings
Its impossible to see your own place in the world but we do serve a purpose, divine providence is at play. Natural philosophy