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Nightingale's definition of nursing focused on ___ .
Dorothy Orem's definition of nursing focused on ____ .
The ANA's definition of nursing focuses on ___ .
human response to health problems
List 5 characteristics of a profession.
1. specialized education w/some liberal arts.
2. Theoretical body of knowledge.
3. Provides a service to the community.
4. Standards of practice/ethics.
5. Autonomy in decisions & practice.
___-___ ___ - the use of some form of substantiation in making clinical decisions.
Evidence-based practice
CSN believes that health is a continuum between ___ and ___ .
wellness; illness
CSN believes that health is a ___ state.
dynamic (changing)
CSN believes that Nursing assists ___ and ___ to cope with life situations.
individuals; groups
CSN believes that Nurses use ______ to integrate knowledge, values and competencies to help clients achieve optimal levels of wellness.
the Nursing Process
CSN believes that Nursing education is a ____ ____ process.
continuous learning
The major concepts of the organizing framework at CSN are:
Nursing, Health, and Adaptation
Students may obtain RN status through what types of education?
1. diploma
2. AD
3. BSN
Name the 3 roles of the Associate Degree nurse.
1. Provider of care.
2. Manager of client care.
3. Member of the nursing profession.
What is ADPIE?
ANA Standards of Care:

Assessment, nursing Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation
How are the ANA Standards divided?
ANA Standard of Care - client focused

ANA Standard of Professional Performance - nurse focused
ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses directs the nurse to practice with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and uniqueness of every individual WHEN?
In all professional relationships!
What is a "Never Event"?
Events that should never happen or are considered preventable in a hospital setting.
What is POA?
Present On Admission
__ __ __ __ - training to meet the challenge of preparing future nurses with have the KSAs necessary to continuously improve the quality and safety of the healthcare system.
QSEN - Quality and Safety Education for Nurses
What is KSAs?
Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes. See QSEN.