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Who is considered to be the first important Jazz tenor saxophonist?
Coleman Hawkins
The "Original Jazz Band" was led by?
Nick LaRocca
Who was the first electric guitar player?
Charlie Christian
Which Pianist was known for his "trumpet style" approach
Earl Hines
Which of the following bassists innovasted the long sound for walking lines?
Jimmy Blanton
Which of the following best describes Bix Beiderbecke
First Jazz Singer, harmonically complex chords "cool jazz"
Whic oianist is considered the father of stride piano?
James P Johnson
"West End Blues" was made famous by which artist?
Chet Baker
What city became very important in the development of ealry jazz, immediately after New Orleans
Scott Joplin was known for?
Ragtime composer (most importanrt)
Which years are known for the swing years?
Benny Goodman was a virtuoso on which instrument
Jazz Clarinet
Which Jazz style predominantly features riffs and head arrangement?
Kansas City Style
Lester Young was famous for playing with which band?
Count Basey's
Which Jazzman was the first to utilize the soprano saxophone?
Sydney Bechet
What Instrument did Roy Eldridge play?
Which instrument did Art Tatum play?
Which big band leader was the first to write arrangements capitalizing on the uniquely personal sounds of the individuals in his band?
Duke Ellington
Which trumpet player was known for his "growl" style
Bubber Miley
Ben Webster was famous for playing with which band?
Duke Ellington's
Which guitarists brought gypsy music to jazz?
Djang Reinhart
Who is considered the most influential alto saxophonist to come out of the swing era?
Johnny Hodges
Whos is considered the rfather of the barotone saxophone?
Harry Carney
Which trombonist was known for his "growl style"?
Kid Orbey
Who, together with Max Roach, created be bop drumming?
Kenny Clarke
Which piano player's lines most resembled thos of Charlie Parker?
Bud Powell
Shaw Nuff was recorded by which artist?
Dizzy Gillespie
What type of saxophone was Charlie Parker most famous for playing?
Which band was the first to exhibit Latin-American influence?
Dizzy/Charlie Parker
Lenny Tristano played which instrumetn?
Misterioso was recorded by which artist?
thelonius monk
which instrument did Milt Jackson play?
Which instrument did J.J. Johnson play?
One of the foew bop big bands was led by?
Woody Herman
What type of Jazz waas Lee Konitz associated with?
Cool Jazz
What type of jazz was Clifford Brown associated with?
Hard Bop
Cannonball Adderley played what type of sax?
Who led the "Jazz Messengers"?
Art Blakey
Horace Silevr played which instrmuent?
Sarah Vaughn became famous in which era?
Which type of Jazz was most popular with dancing audiences?
The west coast of the united states spawned which style?
Cool Jazz
Who was the first musician to utilize scat singing?
Luis Armstrong
Which instrument does Dave Burbeck Play
This musician was among the first group to emmulate charlie parker?
Sonny Stit
Which instrument did Maynard Ferguson play?
Paul Chambers played?
Freddie Hubbard played?
chet Baker played?