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who is this?
-god of medicine
surgical procedures carried out 2,600-2,000 BC
-fairly sophisticated concept of circulation
-pharaoh's most trusted advisor
who is this?
-greek counterpart of imhotep
-god of healing
-Snakes on a staff symbol
Aesculapius (or Asklepious)
who is this?
-father of western modern medicine
-founder of the most successful medical "school" of antiquity
-born in greece
who is this?
-author of the first anatomically accurate medical textbook
Andres Vesalius
who is this?
-developed oscultation
-invented stethoscope
rene laennec
who is this?
-father of english internal medicine
-reviver of the hippocratic methods of observation and experience
thomas sydenham
who is this?
-a hungarian obstetrician
-discovered the link between hand washing and infections
-reduced incidences of "child-bed fever"
Ignaz Simmelweiss
Who is this?
-Father of antiseptic surgery
-read pasteur's papers on germ theory
Joseph Lister
Who is this?
-most influential physician in modern history
-wrote "Principles and Practice of Medicine" in 1892
-developed a way of educating physicians
Sir William Osler
ATStill was born when?

August 6th, 1828

Jonesville, Virginia
AT Still returns from the war in ... to have 3 children die from meningitis
Who was AT Still's second wife?
Mary Elvira Turner Still
What was the date in which Still "flung to the breeze the banner of osteopathy"
June 22nd, 1874
What year did Still move from Kansas to Kirksville?
What year was the first school of osteopathy established?
The American school of Osteopathy graduates its first class in what year?
During the medical reform, what report gives findings of which schools meet new standards?

What year?
flexner report

Between what years was the Flu Epidemic?
Who was the first poerson in the osteopathic profession to conduct long-term research?
Louisa Burns
What state and in what year were DO's first given legislative recognition of the right to practice?
When was AOA recognized as an accrediting body for osteopathic education?
In what year was the liscensing of D.O.s in California halted?

What year was this whole thing resolved?

Year that DO's were accepted to the military as medical officers
What year was the osteopathic profession given equal but distinct recognition under the federal healthcare program
In what year were there full practice rights in all 50 states, after Mississipi passes law granting full practice rights to DOs?
When was the death of Dr. Andrew Taylor Still
December 12th, 1917