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Define Laterality.
Refers to the side of the brain that controls a given function. Hence, studies of laterality are undertaken to determine which side of the brain controls various functions.
Which side...
Define unilateral specialization model.
States that only one hemisphere facilitates a given psychological process.
only one hemisphere
Define interaction model.
The common idea that both hemispheres have the capacity to perform all functions but they do not.
both hemispheres
Define information-processing model.
The brain processes information serially, one step at a time. Information from the sensory receptors goes to the thalamus, primary cortex, secondary cortex, tertiary sensory cortex, then output.
One step at a time.
Define preferred cognitive mode.
Use of one type of thought process in preference to another--for example, visuospatial instead of verbal; sometimes attributed to the assumed superior function of one hemisphere over the other.
one type of thought process in preference to the other.
Define Splenium.
Generally, a bandlike structure; used in reference to the posterior rounded end of the corpus collosum.
Define Draw-A-Bicycle test.
Males may have one perceptual advantage in their drawings of mechanical things such as bicycles
perceptual advantage.
Define Chicago Word Fluency test.
Test used to quantify loss of spontaneous speech in patients with frontal-lobe leasions. Say/write as many words as you can starting with the letter "c".
Say/write as many words as you can...
Define Rey Figure test.
Test used for disorders of visual perception in which the subject is asked to copy the drawing as exactly as possible.
Visual perception disorder
Define Hormonal organizing effect.
The influence of gonadal hormones on brain and behavioral development.
Define Maturation hypothesis.
Argues that both hemispheres initially have roles in language but the left hemisphere gradually becomes more specialized for language control.
both but the left
Define invariance hypothesis.
Suggest that the structure of each cerebral hemisphere ensures that the hemisphere will develop a set of specialized functions; for example, the left hemisphere is specialzed at birth for language.
Specialized at birth for specific development
Define Parallel-development hypothesis.
Proposes that that both hemisphears, by virtue of their construction, play special roles, one destinged to specialize in launguage and the other in nanlanguage/space functions.
both specified