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Natural Selection
the gradual change in a species over time, as successful variants increase in frequency and eventually spread throughout the gene pool, replacing the less successful variants.
Hostile forces of nature
food shortages, diseases, parasites, predators and extremes of weather
inherited solutions to the survival and reproductive problem posed by the hostile forces of nature
Sexual Selection
the evolution of characteristics b/c of their mating benefits, rather than b/c of their survival benefits
Intrasexual compeition
members of the same sex compete w/ each other, and the outcome of their contest gives the winner greater sexual access to members of the opposite sex
intersexual selection
members of one sex choose a mate based on their preference for particular qualities in a mate
packet of DNA inherited by children from parents; smallest discrete unit inherited without being broken up
Differential gene reproduction
reproductive success relative to others
Inclusive fitness theory
Inclusive fitness: personal reproductive success (number of offspring you produce) plus effects you have on the reproduction of your genetic relatives, weighted by genetic relatedness
Adaptive problem
Anything that impedes survival or reproduction
By-products of adaptations
incidental effects of adaptations not properly considered to be adaptations... color of your bones
Evolutionary Noise
a random variation that is neutral w/ respect to selection... ear lobe
Adaptations are designed by evolutionary process to solve specialized adaptive problems
Psychological adaptations are designed to accomplish particular adaptive goals
Human nature is what kind of a process
evolutionary. Psychological mechanisms that are successful in helping humans survive and reproduce out-replicate those that are less successful
Examples of evolutionary analysis at the level of human nature
The Need to Belong
Helping and Altruism
Universal Emotions
When faced with similar adaptive problem, how do Evolutionary psychologists expect males and females to be
Evolutionary psychologists expect that males and females will be the same or similar in all domains where sexes have faced the same or similar adaptive problems
how do evolutionary psychologist expect males and females to be when faced with different adaptive problems
Expect sex differences in those domains where sexes recurrently faced different adaptive problems
Sex Differences in Aggression
Sex Differences in Jealousy
Sex Differences in Desire for Sexual Variety
Sex Differences in Mate Preferences
men are more aggressive
men are more jealous
men desire more sexual variety
Three evolutionary perspectives on individual differences
Environmental triggers of individual differences
Adaptive self-assessment of heritable individual differences
Frequency-dependent strategic individual differences