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What was the name of survey ship?
H.M.S. Beagle
What did Malthus say about population growth?
all species have the potential to over populate however most remain stable.
How many years did Charles Darwin sail around the world and vist many places?
What did Charles Darwin study at Cambridge University?
Natural Selection:
Observation 2
populations tend to remain stable in size
In 1859 what did Darwin publish?
"On the Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection"
for how many years did Charles Darwin gather evidence but didn't publisH?
Natural Selection:
Observation 1
All species have the potential to reproduce exponentially
Natural Selection:
Inference 3
overtime in a population there will be a gradual increase in favorable characteristics for individuals to survive and reproduce.
Natural Selection:
Observation 3
environmental resources are limited
Natural Selection:
Inference 1
production of most individuals than can survive leads to struggle for existence. only a fraction of species survive.
Natural Selection:
Observation 4
individuals vary in their characteristics
Natural Selection:
Inference 2
individuals best fit for their environment are likely to survive and reproduce offspring than the less fit individuals
Natural Selection:
Observation 5
many of this variation characteristics are inheritable
What does relative dating mean?
the estimated age by comparing fossil to other fossils in other rock layers.
what are transistional fossils?
intermediate forms between older and newer forms

ex fossil links: fish and amphibians; reptiles and birds; reptiles and mammals
what does radioactive dating mean?
the calculated age of fossils based on the amount of remaining radioactive isotopes it contains
geologic time scale
life forms appear in the fossil record in a sequential order with increasing complexity
[the less complex, the older it is; the more complex, the newer it is]
A. island species [1]
1. species found no where else
When was Charles Darwin born?
what does vestigial structures mean?
structures that serve no function in an organism.

ex: leg bones in some snakes; pelvis in whales; goose bumps in people
A. Living Species [2]
similar to species on adjacent mainland [think of Galgapagos Islands and turtles and birds]
B. Convergent Species
unrelated species on different continents with similar environment have similar modifications.
homologous structures
structures that have different mature forms but develop from the embryonic tissues. [structures that are different, but almost are the same]

ex: wing of a bat; flipper of a whale; human arm