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Orgamizms that breed and produce fertile offspirng
Synpatic speciation
Occur when new mechanism devolop even though population shore a habitat
Para patric speciation
When the two genetically different population shave bordering habitats or when nearby population expirence diffents genetic change
Postzygotic Mechanisms
Fertilazation occurs but offspring are weak
prezygotic mechanisms
Egg is not fertilized so there is no offspring
puncutated equilibrium
A period of no change made by a new period of fast evolution
A period of no change marked by a period of fast evolution
Examples of vegistal structures
appendix, wisdom teeth, tonsils.
very slow change over several generations
Vestigial structures
Structure that are present but no longer functional or are not necessary for survival
Inerversible dissaperament of an entire species off the planet
Two or more species nonevolving in respnse
Reproductive isolation
an important factor preventing speciation
The emergency of new species due to genetic mutationand change
Geographical differentation
genetic differences resulting from differet influences for natural selection due to different enviroment
Allopatric speciation
Common to plants and animals
change in the dna of population over time
Natural selection
Describes the unequal survival and reproduction of organisms that result in the presence or absence of inherited traits
Darwins theory
process of natural selection drives evolution
Lamarcks theory
Devolop a thory of evolution before darwin
Malthus Theory
population size are controlled by nature
Mendals discovery
Studied genetics of pea plants dominant genes is T recessive gene is t
Howells throry
Geologic dating can be dated to a time period
Homologus structure
Similar bones conected even though they may ahve a different function
A charecteristic genetic that increases chances of survivial in a particular enviroment
Examples of analogous structures
whale fin, fish fin
Divergent evolution
Is the process of two or more related species becoming more and more disimilar
Convergent evolution
the emergence of biologival