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What is Evolution?
Evolution is a change in species over time.
Name ways to check for evidence of evolution.
Homologous Structures, Biochemical Similarities, and Similar Embryonic Development.
What are Vestigial Structures
Structures currently found in an organism, but have no function.
Who was Darwin?
Darwin studied animals, plants, etc., and theorized about descent with modification. Then he also came up with descent by natural selection.
What is Descent by Modification and Descent by Natural Selection?
Descent by Modification-Present day organisms are modfieid versions of their ancestors
Descent by Natural Selection- Some traits are more "fit" for a niche than others so the organism that has the trait can survive and reproduce better.
Who was Lamark?
Lamark stated that an organism that acquired a trait during its life, would pass it on to its offspring. He also thought that organisms wanted to change. He was however the 1st person to hypothesize that traits were passed on.
What are analogous structures?
Physical characteristics of an organism similar to traits of other organisms but the traits were not derived in an evolutionary chain. Ex. DragonFly's Wings v. Bird's Wings
What are the three types of Selection?
Disruptive - When the two extremes of a trait are the most fit, the population will aquire those two extremes.
Directional - When a single extreme of a trait is most fit, the population will aquire that trait.
Stabilizing - When the average of a trait is most fit, the population will aquire that trait.
What are the two rates of speciation?
Punctuated-Rapid spurts of evolution
Gradualism-Slow continous change