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the defintion of species
a group of organisms that mate w/ eachother and produce fertile offspring
Birds beaks:
birds w/ small beaks eat ____
birds w. large beaks eat ____
big beaks- seeds
small beeks- insects
what were some of darwins conclusions?
Galapogos organisms gradualy changed over many generations

Thoght he new how certain traits were selcted 4 nature
species produce more offspring than can servive
Caused by limited food and other resorces
differences between indeviduals of the same species
Continetal drift
when a continent gradualy splits apart
the gradulism change in a species over time
When do new species form?
when a group of indeviduals remain seperated from the rest of the species and evolve different traits
Natral selection
the prosses by witch indeviduals are better adapted to there inviornemnt