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What are the 6 APTA components of a patient exam?
Examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, intervention, outcome
Factors to consider during an evaluation
1. Type of disease
2. Severity of impairments
3. Severity of functional loss
4. Social support
6. General Health
7. Discharge destination
8. Extent of prioritized patient problem list
Define Diagnosis
A label encompassing a cluster of S/S, analysis of the cause of the problem
What is a PT Diagnosis?
Identifies the impact a condition has on a function. Analysis of patient's problems at all levels of the ICF model. Used to determine and guide prognosis and intervention
What is a prognosis? What does it include?
Predicted optimal level of improvement in function and time frame required to acheive that level. Includes a plan of care.
What is included in a Plan of Care?
Goals, intervention, frequency, duration and criteria for discharge.
Considerations when determining goals.
Prioritized problem list, disease processes, PLOF, social support, patient motivation.
Long term goals should...
Relate to FUNCTION and build upon STG.
Goals can be written on 3 levels, what are they?
1. Participation - return to work as a machine operator
2. Activity - ability to don/doff shirt for dressing
3. Body Function - increased shld flexion
Documentation required by SNF?
MDS - Minimum Data Sheet
RUGS - Research Utilizatio Groups
Documentation used by rehab/IRF (inpatient rehab facility)?
PAI - Patient Assessment Instrument (contains FIM)
PPS - Prospective payment system (rehab facilities that are paid by medicare)
Documentation used by home health?
Functional status includes what elements?
bed mobility, locomotion, transfers, functional test score
Body function includes what elements?
Cognitive affective, integumentary, musculoskeletal, neurologic, systems review
Assessment includes what elements?
PT diagnosis, PT prognosis, Patient problem list
Plan of Care will include?
Specific interventions, duration and frequency, discharge criteria