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Georges Jacques Danton
Lawyer who sought fame in National Assembly, motives always questioned, Insurrectionary Commune gave him the post of Minister of Justice, encouraged the masacres of September 1792
Sept. 2 – many massacres took place throughout Paris, designed to kill opponents of revolution. Trials were held, but decisions made at random, often with death sentence. Over half of Paris prison population was killed. Murderers known as Septemberists.
Battle of Valmy
An important battle the French won over the Prussians and Austrians.
new name for Jacobins in the new National Convention
"Citizen," used as greeting in place of Monsieur or Madame
An extremist faction which demanded the common ownership of goods
Louis Capet
Real name of King, used frequently as he lost power
Danton -why important in revolutionary France?
Lawyer who became Minister of Justice under the Insurrectionary Commune. Good public speaker, with huge influence on public
How excessive were actions of septembriseurs?
Over 1,200 people killed, often brutally. Authories lacked power to stop the killing and some cases even endorsing it
Revolutionary measures passed by National Convention?
Monarchy abolished. New calendar with 22 September as the 1st day of the French republic
Was there any political tension within the Convention?
Between the Jacobins and the Girodins
Describe the trial of Louis Capet. Did anyone speak on his behalf?
Girodins wanted to spare his life - but unamiously convincted of crime.
What were your impressions of Louis' execution? Do you think it was a sad or happy day for France?
a day of mixed emotions, depending on your stance
What led to organized and violent attacks on French prisons in September 1792?
Fear that royalists were going to defeat the revolution.