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Sans Culottes
working class revolutionaries
group o leftist National Assembly members. Gifted speakers and legislators.
After Jacobin club fell apart, many ex-Jacobins became Feuillants. Slightly less radical than Jacobins.
Jacques Pierre Brissot
Member o' National Assembly, a Girodin, often in trouble with government because of his writing, was once locked in Bastille
Jerome Petiton
National Assembly member who greeted the King after his failed escape, Mayor of Paris
Feudal lords who left the country to escape the revolution
Jean Paul Marat
A blowhard journalist who used his writing as propaganda for the revolution.
Manon Roland and Jean-Marie Roland
Manon Roland - female journalist who sided with the revolutionaries
Jean-Marie Roland - her Jacobin Husband
Declaration of Pillnitz
Emperor Leopold & King of Prussia said: "We will restore the French monarchy"
La Patrie en Danger
state of emergency the National Assembly put the country in on July 13 1791. All men who can bear arms, prepare for war with Austria.
What forces started gettin' more power in the National Assembly?
Leftist forces got more power after---
demonstrators were killed by Bailley & Lafayette
-- the people were thinking revolution was only helping middle class
consequences of revolution taking more radical turn?
Blacklash. Some radicals arrested, radical newspapers shut down, demonstrators shot at.
What led to war with Austria & Prussia? Consequences of this war?
Revolutionaries wanted to prosecute emigres. Monarchists wanted Austria & Prussia to bring back monarchy. War happened-- many early French losses.
What decrees did the King veto? How did this get him in trouble?
King vetoed the National Assembly's decision to exile counter revolutionary priests and a decree that allowed a camp of fedres outside of Paris. Unpopular with the Sans Culottes, who stormed Tuileries
Describe events of 20 June & 14 July 1792. How do these events demonstrate deterioration of royal power?
June 20 - Sans Culottes storm Tuileries, make King wear revolutionary hat & say "long live the nation"
July 14 - King made to pledge aligence to revolution & burn down a tree representing feudalism.
King has completely lost power.
What lead to attack on Tuileries of August 1792? Major impact on Assembly & royal family?!
Commander of Army demands royal family be respected & protected; also anyone who deserted from war with Austrians will be shot. Because of this, National Assembly is replaced with new commune. King jailed & dethroned. National Convention elected based on voting.