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most radical members o' French Rev
civil constitution of the clergy
Written by National Assembly. reduced the amount of bishoprics; bishops and priests elected by the people; made clergy in France declare they were not tied to Pope. Pope & French citizens in the country UNHAPPY.
Fete de la federation
party held on July 14, the storming of the bastille. The king was forced to show his alligence to the revolution
hans Axel, Count von Fersen
helped Royal family escape Paris
Jean Baptiste Drouet
postmaster who spotted King & Queen in disguise
Jean Baptiste Sauce
grocer who stopped the berlin King & Queen were in.
local governors who replaced King's regional governors. Appointed by National Assembly.
New National Assembly reforms?
king called king of French instead of king of France; the civil constitution o' the clergy; judges elected by the people, paid by the state; local government transformed; land o' Church taken over by gov't
Which reform led to conflict with the Catholic Church?
THe Civil Constitution of the Clergy, which means clergy would be made up of people not associated with Pope or Rome. Can you be Catholic without a Pope?
Why did men like Mirabeau think revolution was going too far?
only so much change you can do at one time. Wanted things to settle down & get orderly.
King's prob. w/ civil constitution o' clergy?
was really religious, afraid he couldn't receive Holy Communion from a priest that agreed with the constitution. Thought God'd be pissed w/ him
Pope said what would happen if King agreed with Civil Constitution?
The church in France would split.
The king decided to flee Paris, why?
He was afraid for his life.
why was it difficult for the king to flee?
He was always watched, under house arrest
The escape to the frontier
The king had a lot of help, and if it wasn't for being recognized, would have escaped safely.
what were the consequences of the king's escape failure?
He was taken back to Paris and eventually beheaded.
Pope's response to Civil Constitution?
Suspended (fired) all priests who signed it