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Lord who told farmers to grow turnips to help soil
Charles Townshend

I know a "shed" would "turnip" in "town"!
Inventor of the seed drill
Jethro Tull

Maybe the wrong Jethro Tull...
Inventor of a coal-powered steam engine to pump water out of mines
Thomas Newcomen

(that's his engine up there)
Improved Newcomen's engine
James Watt
Came up with new methods for producing iron
Abraham Darby
Drug that knocks you out for surgery
Fencing off land
Separate metal from ore

"S"eparate "MET"a"L" = SMETL...SMELT
Industrial Revolution changed life by...
- people bought clothes and food from stores
- homes were combined into apartment buildings
- people could travel to faraway places faster
- messages sent by telegraph

and many more...
3 causes of population explosion
The People Bomb! (just kidding!). Overall, less people died because

1. better agriculture = less famine
2. better food = stronger women = healthier babies
3. better hygiene = fewer diseases
Impact of steam power
less work for humans, better (drier!) mines and miners, better travel on steam boats
Impact of improved iron
better quality of iron, less expensive iron, better building materials, use for railroads
Effects of the agri. revolution
better farm products and tools, better ways to plant seeds, better ways to use land, private owned land which pushed small farmers to move to the city
How did upping population affect the Ind. Revolution?
more people alive required finding faster, better ways to make products, and they needed much more food and clothes for the bigger population