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Mussolini's violent squads of supporters
Black Shirts
Mussolini's nickname; Italian for "The Leader"
Il Duce
What did Mussolini promise to turn the Mediterranean into once again?
a "Roman Lake"
What event got Mussolini control of the state without firing a shot?
harch on Rome
What values did fascism promote?
extreme nationalism, anti-democracy, aggressive foreign expansion
want international change, are urban and agricultural workers
What did the Facists blame for problems in Itlay?
Who were the two causes of unemployment according to Mussolini?
Machines and Women
How did Mussolini's policies reflect his attitude toward women?
He awarded women for bearing tons of children; he wanted to keep women in the home, because working women signified a progressive, democratic social order, something he did not want.
want national goals and are business leaders, wealthy landowners, lower middle class.