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British prime minister
David Lloyd George
French leader
Georges Clemenceau
an international organization to help govern world affairs
League of Nations
document which officially ended the war; it stated that Germany was fully to blame for the war
Treaty of Versailles
spread of a disease across an entire country, continent or world
payments for war damage
system in which a group of nations acts as one to preserve the peace of all
collective security
territory administered by western powers
Describe conditions in Europe after World War I.
Millions were dead, the land was ravaged, millions were owed in debt, and political turmoil was rampant.
Identify three issues to be settled at the Paris Peace Conference.
1. reparations to be made by the losers of the war
2. boundaries of new self-determined states
3. Italy's secret agreement with the allies
How did Woodrow Wilson's goals at the peace talks differ from those of other Allied leaders?
he was interested in self-determination and democracy, and wanted to base the peace agreements on his Fourteen Points
How did the peace treaties both follow and violate Wilson's principle of self-determination?
New nations were created from the treaties, but they only applied this principle to some countries. Outside Europe, the victors conquered even more colonies.
How might the creation of the mandate system affect the map of Africa after World War I?
Germany's holdings in Africa were given to Britain and France, so the map would show primarily two European powers governing land in Africa
What might Wilson have approved of in the conference, and what did he regret?
He approved of the formation of the new self-determined states, but he disapproved of Italy's secret agreement with the Allies and the continued European colonization of African territories.