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A popular writer in England who was born in India and returned to write great things about imperialism
Rudyard Kipling
a leading promoter of British imperialism
Cecil Rhodes
Describe how money economy affected the colonizers and the colonized.
Western countries started reaping benefits from plantations and mines, but needed local labor to run them and forced locals to work by putting heavy taxes on them.
Describe how dependency affected the colonizers and the colonized.
Western countries found new markets with consumers to buy their products in the colonies, which created a big boom for them. However, local manufacturers couldn't compete with these mass-producers and so they were squashed.
Describe how modernization affected the colonizers and the colonized.
Western countries brought lots of new modern technologies, like banking, transportation, and new kinds of communication. Some natives used this modernization to their advantage to grow economically.
How did imperialism affect cultures around the world?
Western ideas were spread all over the world, and this lead to people mistakenly questioning their own cultures because they didn't seem as modern or advanced.
Why did imperialism lead to increased tensions among the industrialized powers of Europe?
Western nations got greedy, so they sometimes fought one another to gain control of desirable colonies.
Do you think subject people were better or worse off as a result of the Age of Imperialism?
Subjects were offered modern things and ways of life, including new technology like medicine and better hygiene. In this way, the colonies were better off. However, Western countries also pillaged their natural resources and often treated them poorly. Even modern technology isn't worth losing your freedom, your culture, and your land.
How might a subject respond to the Cecil Rhodes quotation?
the more you keep to your own land the better off the human race