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pro-imperialist writer--
Rudyard Kipling
pro-imperialist imperialist--
Cecil Rhodes
why colonial people had to work plantations & mines--
taxes, can't compete w/mass producers
4 pros o' colonization--
modern technology, banking, medicine, sanitation
imperialism = European tensions. Why? --
competition fo' good colonies
4 cons o' colonization--
stealin' people's natural resources; pollution; oppression; losing native culture & economies.
steel/weapons maker for WORLD---
house o' Krupp
got 50,000 workers--
nickname o' Bismark--
Iron chancellor
Bismark's failed attempt to make Catholics loyal to state, not Pope--
Germany = Industrial powerhouse. How (3)? --
natural resources, German work force, scientific advances
Kulturkampf, Bismark, why? --
loyalty to state, not Pope!
3 William II policies--
social welfare, public school, $ for military
no democracy in Germany, why? --
Bismark/realpolitik =no democracy.
If you like democracy & u r German, what do you do? --
be oppressed by Bismark
Europe colonizes Asia/Africa--
new imperialism
country sends own rulers (France)--
direct rule
country trains local rulers (England)--
indirect rule
country expects local rulers to do what country wants--
country has investment/trading/f-ing w/ powers--
sphere o' influence
3 causes o' new imperialism--
economics, nationalism, humanitarianism
imperialism success, why? --
colonies weak, imperialists strong
Britian needs imperialism, why? --
needs to support population growth
eased tariffs between German states--
German unifier--
Kaiser o' 2nd reich--
William I
prime minister--
power more impo than principles--
caused German unity (4)--
Napoleon III defeat; zollverein; Bismark; kick butt in wars
Bismark's unify-Germany methods (3) --
realpolitik, strong army, beat up Napoleon III & Austria
Bismark's Germany had elected legislature, but wasn't democratic. Why?
made of only German Austrians
Bismark realpolitik examples (3)--
stole money for army; f'd Austria; Ems dispatch
founder, Young Italy
Giuseppe Mazzini
Italian nat'list mvmt
king o' Italy
Victor Emmanuel II
prime minister, Sardinia
Camillo Cavour
Italian commander
Giuseppe Garibaldi
sez "no govt"!
moving away?
cons for Italian nat'lism? pros?
cons: fighting from Austria, France; crazy localism

pros: same language; strong nationalism; strong leaders
Cavour, Garibaldi together how?
Cavour gave Garibaldi sh-- to conquer the South
Italian unity-problems?
- reg'l differences - state v. Church - radicals v. conserv. - pop. explosion
Cavour/Bismarck. alike?
both: f---ed over allies. cavour = not such a b--ard to his people.
Garibaldi v. Cavour?
Garibaldi = too powerful. ended when G gave up his lands.
emperor to Austria & Hungary
Francis Joseph
Austria + Hungary
Dual Monarchy
Austria nat'lism v. empire?
same area, lots o' nat'lities = fighting
Dual monarchy didn't work. why?
Slavs wanted more.
Balkan nat'lism v. Ottomans?
same area, lots o' nat'lities = getting a-- kicked by outsiders
could Hapsburgs have made a modern nation?
no-need to integrate people, not segregate
Francis Joe tries to keep power, how?
new const, new legis.
Russian uprising, 1825
Decembrist Revolt
emancipated serfs
Alexander II
get rid non-Russians
soldiers shot civilians marching
Bloody Sunday
doc that brought Russian reforms
October Manifesto
Russian Prime minister
Peter Stolypin
elected assemblies in local govt (Russia)
violent mob attacks on Jews
elected national legislature (Russia)
challenges to Russia in 1800s?
- hugeness - stubborn czars won't modernize - rigid social structure
change, reaction by czars?
military crushing
1905 Revolution, causes?
- a--es kicked by Japan - Bloody Sunday - revolts all over Russia
better to emancipate from above than below--why?
govt emancipation = stable country; serf revolt = anarchy
Bloody Sunday --> czar v. subjects?
czar has power, but he's afraid of lots o' subjects rebelling