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What was the Avignon Papacy, when did it take place?
1309-1337 when all seven popes lived in Avignon
When was the Battle of Agincourt?
Who won, and due to what?
October, 25, 1415, part of the hundred years war
The English introduced the long bow
What the Great Schism divided:

The cause of the Schism:
Christianity into Catholicism and Greek-Byzantine Eastern Orthodoxy
Disputes over papal authority
The 1st estate:

The 2nd estate:

The 3rd estate:
-Church (clergy = those who prayed
-Nobility (those who fought = knights)
-Peasantry (everyone else)
**Women=classified differently
Erasmus lived from:
He wanted a _ within the church, not a schism.
He was rejected by:

Catholics, Protestants
Erasmus was famous for writing what:
The 95 theses against indulgences
St. Augustine emphasized what, and how did he die?
After a dramatic conversion to Christianity, he Emphasized man's need for grace.
Viewed as a heretic, hanged on the orders of Thomas Cromwell
John Calvin did what:
-What did he make Geneva:
In 1532, allied himself with the Protestant reformation.
-The "Rome of Protestantism"
Leo X was known primarily for his failure to:
Stem the Protestant Movement
The remission of the temporal punishment due to God for sin
The belief that G-d has predetermined the people who will go to heaven & hell.
Acceptance of ideals which are not demonstrable through experimentation/reason.
Henry VIII lived from:
Married 6 times; what happened to 2 of these wives?
"divorced" by execution

*of the Tudor Dynasty, wielded great power
John Knox lived from:
He is widely regarded as:
As the father of the Protestant Reformation (Calvanist) in Scotland
Servetus lived from:
What were his occupations?
Theologian, physician and humanist
Johann Tetzel lived from:
He sold___
-He raised money for the construction of St. Peter's Basilica in what year:

-1517 (inspired Martin Luther to write thesis)
What was the purpose of the Inquisition?
To seek out heretics, convert some, kill others
(If possible, save heretic's soul.. if not, keep him from endangering others)
Paul III lived from:
He perceived the need for:
Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
Founded by:
Used what to achieve its goals:
Ignatius Loyola
Due to his injuries in battle, Ignatius Loyola wrote what book?
The Spiritual Exercises
Marco Polo was Venetian, and one of the first Westerners to travel the _ Road to _
He wrote the book:
Silk, China

Il Milione
Diaz (1450-1500)
Discovered what in 1488:
A way to get around the Cape of Good Hope
Da Gama: A portuguese explorer who led an expedition around the Cape of Good Hope, 1497 to find what?
The 1st water route to India
Columbus sailed in what year?
From Where?
1492, Spain..
What was he?
A Portuguese navigator, circumnavigated the world
The 30 years war was fought from _ to _.
Where did it principally occur?
It stemmed from a conflict between:
The Holy Roman Empire

Catholics, protestants
The Spanish Armada was whose attempt to restore what in England?
In what year was Spain the most powerful nation?
Phillip, catholicism

The Armada consisted of how many vessels, and how many returned?

What did this do for England?
160, 17

Empowered it, made it leader of the seas
Ultimate authority in the state rests in the hands of a king
French prelate and statesman; principal minister to Louis XII.