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general agreement on tariffs and trade, created in 1947, tried to establish fair trade policies for all nations
plays a large role in the international economy by making large loans to developing nations
International Monetary Fund
Nuclear non-proliferation treaty, agreement to halt the spread of nuclear weapons
signed in 1948 by UN members to guarantee human rights
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
building stable governments and developing economically
a nation strong enough to influence other nations
system of thought or belief
dependence of countries on goods, resources and knowledge from other parts of the world
the right to life, liberty, and security of person
Human Rights
conference of leaders and experts from around the world
the deliberate use of violence, especially against civilians, to achieve political goals
Why did European Nations loose their colonial empires after WWII?
because of nationalism and the cold war
What was one of effect of this “great liberation”?
the globalization of the cold war
Why did political instability plague many developing nations?
because they were created by European nations whose sole goal was to exploit them so naturally when they became independent they would be screwed
What two main roles has the UN played in world affairs?
Peacekeeper and world health monitor
Describe on effort nations have made to deal with the spread of nuclear arms
signing of the NPT
Describe on effort nations have made to deal with human rights abuses
signed the international declaration of human rights
Describe on effort nations have made to deal with terrorism
lots of nations have passed laws and tried to capture terrorists legally