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International body formed after world war II
Metaphor for the influence of the Soviet Union in eastern Europe.
Iron Curtain
created to contain the spread of communism
Truman Doctrine
Western allies airlifted food and supplies to West Berliners to end the Societ Blockade and it was called this…
Berlin Airlift
A military aliance formed between the US, Canada, and nine western European countries
NATO – (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
Military alliance formed between the Soviet Union and Seven Eastern European nations
Warsaw Pact
limiting to an area, in the case of post WWII, communism
Dependant state
How did the Allies try to hold the Axis powers responsible for the suffering caused during the war?
War crimes trials
What was the main purpose of the UN?
to ensure peace
List two causes of the cold war
Conflicting ideologies and mutual distrust between the US and the Soviet Union