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Bartolomeau Dias
Sailed around the southern tip of Africa
Vasco da Gama
Sailed around Africa to India
Pedro Alvares Cabral
Reached Brazil
Christopher Columbus
Explored the West Indies and the Caribbean
Vasco Nunez De Balboa
Sighted the Pacific Ocean
Juan Ponce de Leon
Explored Puerto Rico and Florida
Francisco Coronado
Explored Southwest North America
Hernado de Soto
Exploed Central America. Led expedition to the Mississippi River
Juan Cabrillo
Explored the west coast of North America
John Cabot
Explored the east coast of North America
Henry Hudson
Explored Hudson Bay
Giovanni da Verrazano
Exploed the east coast of North America including present day New York Harbor
Jacques Cartier
Explored St. Lawrence River
Samuel de Champlain
Explored St. Lawrence River valley and founded Quebec
Jacques Marquette/Louis Joliet
Explorerd along the Mississippi River
Robert de La Salle
Explored the Great Lakes. Reached the mouth of the Mississippi River