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period of peace and prosperity initiated by Caesar Augustus
Pax Romana
famous Greek philosopher
Portuguese explorer who sailed around the Cape of Good Hope to India
Vasco da Gama
Middle ages ended and the pre-modern period began
Father of printing in the Western World
Johannes Gutenburg
written document that granted privileges and freedoms to city residents
Renaissance writers reached a wider audience by writing in
venacular language
When Columbus landed in the Americas, he thought he had sailed to........
Jesus was born in what region of the world?
Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire under...
Constantine I
workers' organizations that controlled industries were called...
mural on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was painted by...
Michelangelo Buonarotti
Alexander the Great conquered and spread the culture of.....
a castle was often part of a
a philosopher who believed that government whould serve and protect the people and their freedom was....
John Locke
Julius was killed by...
supporters of the Roman Senate
the idea that kings and Queens ruled by the will of God was called the
divine right of kings
the invention of the stirrup by the Huns allowed them to
use their weapons while riding horses
during World WAr II the Axis Powers were...
Germany, Italy and Japan
machines designed for war were mass-produced for the first time for
world war I
Which country was a member of the Non-aligned community?
what was the name for the new openness introduced in the Soviuet Union in the 1980's?
groups formed to bargin with factory owners for better working conditions and higher pay for workers are called....
THE INDUSTRIAL REvolution made consumer goods, like clothing....
less expensive and more plentiful
a main goal of the Marshall plan was to.....
help rebuild Europe aber WWII
the leader responsible for the Holocaust was.....
Adolf Hitler
World War II came to an end when...
the US dropped 2 atomic bombs on Japan
Sputnik I was the first....
spacecraft to orbit the earth; it was russian
The Truman Doctrine was a plan to....
support countries fighting communism
The euro is the currency of...
the European Union
Before the US joined WWII, the Allies were Britain, France and...
Neil Armstrong was the first person to...
walk on the moon
Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg joined together to form....
Benelux trade union
the Berlin Airlift was done to...
defeat the Soviet blockade of West Berlin
Which country was once split into communist and democratic parts but is now reunited?
What was the World War II alliance of Germany, Italy and Japan called?
Axis powers
The first major industry to emerge during the Industrial REvolution was
textiles (clothing)
capital of the roman empire during the empire's decline
distribution of people, ideas and diseases around the world by European explorers and settlers
Columbian Exchange
workers' organization
representative body that took power in England in the name of the people
at one time ruled lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea
Christian holy War