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Cell Wall
- In plants and fungi ONLY
- made of CELLULOSE
- FUNCTION: Support and Protection
Plasma Membrane
- Comp: Phospholipid Bilayer; Proteins
- Func: Define Cell boundary; control MOVEMENT of substances IN/OUT of cell
- Comp: Nuclear envelope surrounding chromatin and nucleoli
- Func: Store GENETIC INFO; make DNA & RNA
Comp: concentrated area of chromatin, RNA, and protein
Func: form ribosomes
Comp: uncondensed DNA
Func: store genetic info
Comp: protein and RNA on rough ER
Func: protein synthesis
Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)
Comp: Membranous, flattened channels & tubular canals
Func: produce/modify proteins and other substances; vesicle transport
Rough ER
comp: covered with ribosomes
func: protein synthesis
Smooth ER
comp: no ribosomes
func: various functions: produces lipids in some cells
Golgi apparatus
comp: stack of membranous saccules
func: processing, packaging, and distribution of proteins and lipids
Vacuole and Vesicle
comp: membranous sacs
func: storage of various substances
comp: membranous vesicle containing digestive enzymes
func: intracellular digestion
comp: membranous vesicle containing specific enzymes
func: various metabolic tasks
comp: membranous cristae bounded by an outer membrane
func: cellular respiration
Chloroplast (Plants & some PROTISTS ONLY!)
comp: membranous cristae bounded by two membranes
func: photosynthesis
comp: microtubules & filaments
func: shape of cell and movement of its parts
cilia and flagella
comp: 9+2 pattern of microtubules
func: movement of cell
comp: thick fluid, composed mostly of water
func: fills bulk of cell's volume; supports cell
centriole (ANIMAL CELLS ONLY!)
comp: 9+2 pattern of microtubules
func: formation of basal bodies