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Process of acetylation
-lysine residues @ N term of histone remove + charges
-dec affinity b/t histones &DNA
-promoter region is easier to get to
-HATs=active chromatin
-HDAC=inactive chromatin
Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome
mutation in gene coding for protein w/HAT activity=poor transcription
-facial dysmorphism
-broad thumbs
-mental retardation
Response elements
-conserved seqs
-regulatory proteins upstream
-TF's bind to them
Cis acting mutations
-near the site of transcript
-RE's can't bind easily upstream on the promoter
Examples of Cis acting mutations
Hemophilia B Leyden:
- w/in 20 bp of factor 9 initiation site
-gamma globin exp stays for life 175 bp from initiation site
-gene promoter site mutation
-autoimmune susceptability=AIDS=ccr5
Trans acting mutations
-occur @ a distance from promoter regions
-mutation the genes of TF's
-affect transcription
-result in congenital abn of dev
Transcriptome processing
pre mRNA:
-5'methyl cap protects from nucleases,helps bind to ribo
-3' poly A tail
-xported out of nucleus via NPC
-transcript stability,has regulatory mechs,dependant on endonuclease activity
i.e. Fe present on RE=degredation of transcript
-has snrps w/ a seq that matches the 5'-3' seq of intron
mutations=probs=CF & neurofibromatosis
Alternative splicing
-diff mRNA comes from the same gene=isoforms & isoenzymes
-alters the pattern of exons from primary xscript=diff proteins from mRNA
-protects from damage from chems &radiation
-inc genetic diversity of genome
Translational initiation
dep on:
-TF's & EF's
-proteins that initiate &facilitate ribo fcn
-complex in eukaryotes
Post-translational modifications of a.a.'s
-protein kinases+ATP=phosphor of Ser,Tyr,Ter
for good protein folding
-sugar precursor is added to Asn in RER=a chain that's attatched to dolichol=moves to ER
2types-high mannose/complex, depends on modification in golgi
-made on protein in later protein processing in golgi
-galactosamine is attatched to Ser,Thr
transport proteins that recognize signal seqs on other proteins & take them into organelles
Control of protein stability
prteins are tagged w/ ubiquitin
-lets proteosome id what needs to be degraded