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where was immigration specifically a problem in the late 1980s?
Spain and Italy from norther Africa
What factors pushed migration?
low wages
natural disasters
civil strif/war
political and religious persectution
what factors pulled migration?
high standard of living
Common European Asylum System was in which pillar? when did it change
in third pillar, moved to first pillar in the Amsterdam Treaty
what is the European Support Office?
office to oversee cooperation between member states on COmmon European Asylum System
What are the four legal instruments for asylum?
reception conditions directive
asylum procedures directive
qualification directive
dublin regulation
why was an asylum system created?
for an equal playing field for all countries
What was the goal of the EU immigration policy?
balance between humanitarian and economic admission;
fair treatment;
co-development for third countries
What other aspects were considered by the Commission?
economic and demographic development of the EU;
reception of each member state and links to countries;
imact on third countries;
specific integration policies
What is the EU development policy grounded on?
lofty goals: sustainable, equitable and participatory human and social development
Principles and objectives of EC Development policies
combating poverty
primacy of the role of developing countries (partner)
What is the Lome' Convention?
sets out principles and objectives of EU cooperation with Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of states