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-talked about the “age of discovery”
-referenced bible to the age of man
-thought of the world as MONOGENESIS – one active creation
-since all she believed in one active creation, native people could be converted in to culture
Audrey Smedley
-written by Pope Paul III
-answered the question whether natives of the new world were human
-speculated that native peoples were offspring of a separate act of creation.

- the bible only referred to Jews and Christians.

- it wasnt necessary to prove that all descendants were of Adam and eve.
-suggested there were separate origins for Indians, Africans, and Asians, w/ Adam the progenitor of the only Jews.
-He was condemned and forced to live in monastery for the rest of his life
-call the population
-had to come with a bell filled with gold every month
-divided world in to 5 races
-Caucasian, Mongolian, American, Ethiopian, Malay
-Coined the term “CAUCASIAN” because of a caucasus skull he found.
"Race and Culture"

-Psychologists have taken labs to primitive people to experiment on them.
-Tried to see differences between physical attributes among different races.
-Culture differences are innate/inherited in race
- Rivers experiment was to measure intelligence of whites and blacks in military camps.
-Tests of intelligence of individual members of a racial group do not give intelligence rating of race.
-RACE is NOT inherently different.
Wilson Wallis
-wrote the book “Occasional discourse on the nigger”question
-supreme destiny belongs to race not the nation.
-He wanted to keep slavery because it had kept order, and forced work from people who would otherwise have been lazy and feckless.
Thomas Carlyle
“Racial Realities in Europe”

-europe is inhabited by 3 races: Nordic, Alpine, and Mediterranean.
-Stoddard acknowledged that the non-Nordic white peoples who were now in the country needed to be Americanized, and believed that the country could continue to function so long as it was mostly white and retained its Nordic, Anglo-Saxon core.
-Stoddard forsaw racial struggle between whites and colored people and believe animosity between the 2 races had to stop if the white race was to survive,
-argued that the Nordic was the greatest of the three and needed to be preserved by way of eugenics.
Lothrop Stoddard
- the study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population,
“Origins of racial Anglo saxonsim in great Britain before 1850”

-rational for dominant people around the world
-in 1834 England breaks into catholic church
-England returned to the “pure” form
- Anglo Saxons are freedom loving people with institutions and love of democracy
-“Anglo Saxons were to become the final product of a long line of superior beings who stretched back through indo-Germanic cradle to the very creation of superior race”
-seen as the most distinguished “tree”
-RACE EVOLVES over time
Reginald Horsman
“Scientific racism and the American Indian in the mid 19th century”

-talked about how people though indians as an inferior race
- caucasians had highest intellectual endowments
-Combe argued that with comparison of heads of negros and indians demonstrated indians has weaker intelligence was weaker.
-Morton described indians as a serperate race.
-Capacity of darked skinned are smaller than of white man
-Indians were inable to be civilized and inferior. Ppl predicted extinction
Reginald Horsman
“Bio social basis of though in the 3rd reich"

-talked about Hitlerism and racism
-hitler was “perfectly logical” in the light of his undeviating biological premises
-compared it how the U.S incarcerated the Japanese during WWII
Morris Opler
- Prohitbited slavery in lousiana territory except missouri.
- to abolish slaves in missouri
- allowed missouri to enter union as slave state
Missouri Compromise 1820
- attempted to jail 2 christian for working in the cherokee territory
- ruled laws of any state has no laws in indian country
- government saw indians as “domestic dependant nations
Worcester vs. Georgia 1831
- when gov made indians walk 1200 miles to get out of the land. 1 of 4 indians died.
Trail of tears
- founded newspaper called “ the Liberator”
- became voice of aboriginal people
- tried to abolish slavery
- FORMEd the new england anti-slavery society
Lloyd Garrison
- laws req. submission to their masters
- not only masters but white people as well
slave codes
- hated white ppl.
- Wanted to start rebellion within plantations
- Him and father killed about 60 white people.
- He escaped and was executed.
NAT Turner
- disease that only black ppl wanted to escape
- got intense pleasure working on the sun
- argued blacks had smaller brains
- made them stupider, barbaric
- innate love of slavery and master
Sam Cartwright
- talked race can have a place in science without having one biology
- race is biological, but the U.S. race is biologically rather than culturally transmitted.
Michael Root
talked about manifest desitny, white supremacy, and multicultural white supremacy
“American Apocalypse” Dylan Rodriquez
- process of incarcerating people
- u.s. systematic attempt to control activists, people of color, and radicals
US prison Regime
- men/women that have been incarcerated for their political views and actions
Political Prisoner
- the logic of social organization that produces regimented, institutionalized, and militarized conceptions of hierarchized “ human difference”
White supremacy
- people of color are selectively solicited, rewarded, and absorbed into the operative functionings of white supremacy institutions and discourses
Multiculutural White Supremacy
- white race moved westward across country
- christian god had divine plan for anglo saxans were sent from europe to take over land
Manifest Destiny
- was a black slave but later freed.
- Planned the biggest slave rebellion the United States.
- He was later tried and executed
Denmark Vesey
longitute and latitude
- either the U.S. gets all the territory to alaska or we go to war
50, 40 or fight
- race is not biologically inherent
- Race is an IDEA, and bad idea.
- Race has adapted in our culture and cause racial segregation
- Involved literature to explain children and their naiveness in his research of race.
Lawrence Hirschfeld
- wrote article in response to Hirschfeld
- did not believe that race was “ singular unique category of the mind.
- Wanted Hirschfeld to futher “elaboration of his proposal
Sue Estroff
- responded to Hirschfeld’s writings
- disagrees with his concept of race racial thinkng
- specifically talks about how hirscheld uses literature to talk about children’s naiveness with the concept of race.
Diane Hughs