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Ethmoid bone
middle anterior part of the cranial floor
Ant. to sphenoid
Post. to nasal bones
medial walls of the orbits
superior portion of nasal septum
divides nasal bones into right and left sides
Ethmoid Sinuses
ethmoidal cells together form _____.
Perpendicular plate
superior portion of the nasal septum
Cribiform plate
lies in the anterior floor of the cranium
forms roof of nasal cavity
Olfactory foramina
where olfactory nerves passes

in the cribiform plate
Crista galli
s sharp triangular process

point of attachment for the membranes that cover the brain
Nasal Concha
superior and middle

cleans inhaled air before it goes to the rest of the respiratory tract
Anterior cranial fossa
Middle cranial fossa
Posterior cranial fossa
Cranial fossae