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What are the 6 premises that lead to the conclusion that it's right to legalize drugs?
1. Prohibition doesn't work
2. Legal Duplicity
3. Legalizing drugs would reduce crime
4. Economic reasons
5. Drug use wo uld be far safer than it is now
6. Right to privacy
What is Prohibition?
What's the goal of prohibiting drugs?
People won't use them
What amendment outlawed alcohol?
What amenedment repealed the amendment that outlawed alcohol?
What's duplicity?
being 2-faced
What's the main point of the legal duplicity argument?
Some drugs are legal
What are some legal drugs?
Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol
What type of crime would legalizing drugs reduce?
Violence related to buying and selling
What are four economic reasons to legalize drugs?
1. Prison (costly)
2. Tax it
3. Create jobs
4. "war on drugs"
How would drug use be safer than it is now (2 reasons)?
1. Content (labeled)
2. Sanity
What is the right to privacy?
Right to do with yourself as you please
What does the constitution say about the right to privacy?
What court case conviced the Supreme Court that US citizens to have a right to privacy?
Griswald Vs. Connecticut
What did the Supreme Court say includes the right to privacy?
the 9th amendment
What are the 3 premises that lead to conclusion that legalizing drugs is wrong?
1. Drug use is harmful to the person using the drug
2. Drug use is harmful to people who don't use drugs
3. If drugs were legalized, the number of people doing drugs would increase, thus the number of problems in premises 1 and 2 would increase
What are some examples of drug use being harmful to the person using the drug?
1. Kills brain cells
2. Hard on bodily organs
3. Personality changes
4. Suicide
5. Violence
6. Poor judgement
7. Addiction
8. Loss of job
9. Loss of friends and family
What are some examples of drug use being harmful to people who don't use drugs?
1. "Crack Babies" - addicted to drugs at birth
2. Accidents
3. Band influence
4. Victims of violence
5. Pain - withdrawls, families, kids
What 3 terrorist groups did we study?
1. Anarchists
2. IRA
3. Al Qaeda
What are the three main facets of terrorism?
1. Violence
2. Spread fear
3. Political goal in mind
What do the Anarchists believe in?
What is Anarchy?
a society without a government
Who popularized Anarchy?
Pierre Proudhon
What were the four premises Proudhon held to?
1. Liberty (freedom) is good
2. All governments pass lawes
3. All laws restrict freedom
4. All restrictions upon freedom are bad
What was Proudhon's conclusion?
In order to protect freedom, all governments must be eliminated
How did Proudhon think the goal must come about?
By commiting acts of voilence toward politicians to spread fear so no one will be wiling to be a political leader.
Who was the founder of the Russian Anarchy?
Mikhail Bakunin
What did Bakunin say were the 3 obstacles that prevent us from experiancing freedom?
1. Government
2. Marriage
3. Religion
What president was assasinated by an anarchist?
William McKinely
Who assasinated McKinely?
Leon Czolgosz
What was the name of the Russian leader who was assasinated by an anarchist?
Czar Alexander II
What's the name of the Anarchist group that killed Alexander II?
"The People's Will"
What was ironic about the assasination of Alexander II?
He had done more for freedom than anyone in Russian history
How did Alexander II promote freedom?
Freed the Serfs
Who were the Serfs?
peasents in Russia, owned by whoever owend the land (slaves)
What's the IRA?
Irish Republican Army
How are the people of Ireland divided?
1. Politically
2. Religiously
How are the people of Ireland divided politically?
1. Northern Ireland, governed by the British
2. Republic of Ireland, independant
How are the people of Ireland devided religiously?
1. Northern Ireland, protestant majority
2. Republic of Ireland, Catholic majority
What is a protestant?
non-Catholic, but Christian
Most protestants were a part of what Church?
The Anglican Church (Church of England)
What are the two basic goals of the IRA?
1. Unified Ireland
2. Independance from Great Britian
What are the 2 groups that are the enemies of the IRA?
1. British
2. Protestants
What was the political and religious state of the "Kindom of Ireland" in the 1500s?
1. Independant
2. Catholic
What happened to Ireland in the 1600s?
Great Britain conquered part of Ireland
Who became king just before Great Britain conquered Ireland?
James I
How did James I conquer Ireland?
Sent his soldiers into the Northern part and had them take away whatever property was owned by catholics
What church did James I belong to?
Anglican Church, duh
Who goverened the Kingdom of Ireland in the 1900s?
Great Britian
What did the Government of Ireland Act do?
Split the Irish people into two separate countries
What two separate countries did the Government of Ireland Act split the people up into?
1. Northern Ireland
2. Irish Free State
What event caused the IRA to form?
Splitting of the country
When the British granted independance to the Irish Free State what did they rename it?
Republic of Ireland
What struggle was going on in Northern Ireland in the 1960s?
Protestants were descriminating against Catholics
How were protestants discriminating against Catholics?
1. Housing (protestants were always placed above catholics on a waiting list)
2. Jobs
Why did protestants think it was right to descriminate against catholics?
It was legal
What ethical rule did protestants use to defend discimination
Legal Rights
Who created Al Qaeda?
Osama bin Laden
Where did Osama bin Laden grow up?
Saudi Arabia
What profession did bin Laden's dad hold?
Famos carpentry business
What relgion was Osama bin Laden?
Islam (he was a Muslim)
What mosques were his dad hired to remodel?
Why are Mecca and Medina considered to be the oly cities in Islam?
It's where Mohommed lived
What was the name of the professor who influenced bin Laden greatly?
Abdullah Azzam
What did Abdullah Azzam "preach"?
Non-believers must stay out of Islamic territory
What event sparked Osama bin Laden's passion?
Soviet Union invaded Afgphanistan
What religion is Afghanistan?
What religion is the Soviet Union?
Why did bin Laden go to Afghanistan?
To fight the soviets
What group did bin Laden join?
What's the Mujahadeen
Resistance movement
Why did the United States give so much money to the Mujahadeen?
We were enemies of the Soviet Union
How long did it take for the Soviet Union to pull out of Afghanistan?
about 10 years
What did bin Laden do after he had become a hero in the Islamic world?
Went back home to Saudi Arabia
What did the Government of Saudi Arabia do?
Invited the US to send in troops
Why did Sauidi Arabia invite the US to send in troops?
they thought Saddam Hussein was out for them
What did bin Laden think about US troops being in Saudi Arabia
was upset because he thought non-muslims should stay out
Why did so many Saudi citizens get upset with US troops?
They agreed with bin Laden because he was a hero
What did the Saudi government think about bin Laden?
Kicked him out of the country and stripped him of his citizenship
Who did bin Laden blame for his problems?
United States
What event caused bin Laden to form Al Qaeda?
being kicked out of Saudi Arabia
How was Al Qaeda funded?
1. Other countries
2. His dad (inheritance)
Who is the primary target of Al Qaeda?
United States
What are bin Laden's three goals?
1. Get the US out of Saudi Arabia
2. Get the US to stop supporting Israel
3. Palestinian people to have their own coutnry - Israel
Why does the US support Israel?
1. Religion - Jewish
2. Only democracy in the middle east
Who's the current-day philosopher that says that terrorism is sometimes right?
Virginia Held
What are the 3 conditions whereby terrorism can be right?
1. Deprivation of basic human rights taking place
2. Reasonable likelihood that use of terrorism will be successful
3. Use of terrorism must be the means (method) of last resort
What example from South Africa does Held use?
What is Apartheid?
System of legal discrimination agains non-whites in South Africa
How were blacks discriminated against?
-not having id
-whites paid about triple
-all officers were white
Who is the philosopher behind the idea that Terrorism is always wrong?
Paul Wilkinson
Why is terrorism wrong?
1. Terrorism never works
2. Terrorism deprives people of their basic human rights
3. Often, the victims of terrorism are innocent people
What is capitalism?
A system of using money to make money
Who believed capitalism is wrong?
Karl Marx
Where was Karl Marx born?
Great Britain
What books were written by Karl Marx?
Communist Manisfesto
Das Kapital
What was going on during the time of Karl Marx?
Industrial Revolution
What was the industrial revolution?
All of the changes that took place when wind powered machines were replaced by steam powered machines
According to Marx, all history is...
A series of class struggles
What two groups did Marx suggest existed?
Why is Capitalism wrong?
1. The people who work the most get paid the least
2. The people wo work the least get paid the most
What did Marx call the Bourgeoisie?
What did Marx say would happen to the groups as time went on?
There would be more and more of the Proletariat and less and less of the Borgeoisie.
Why would the changes in numbers of the groups take place?
1. Smaller businesses would be bought out by bigger ones
2. Smaller businesses would be sold out to bigger ones
What did Marx say would eventaually take place?
A revolution of the proletariat
If a revolution took place, what would the proletariat take over?
1. Businesses
2. Government
What will be created after the revolution?
What is communism?
A society without
1. Government
2. Individual ownership of property
3. Class distinction
Why is capitalism right?
1. The bourgeoisie risks more than the proletariat
2. It is based on freedom of choice
3. The market determines the wages
Why is it right to kill Sam?
1. If Sam is killed, 1 person dies and 3 people live
2. If Sam is not killed, 3 people die and 1 person lives.
3. It is better to have 3 live and have 1 die than it is to have 3 die and 1 live.
4. If Sam is killed, no one will mourn
5. If Sam is not killed, many will mourn
6. It is better to have no one mourning than to have many mourning
What is pornography?
1. Sexually explicit
2. Intent is to create arousal
3. Product that is bought and sold
4. Uses some form of the media
What is the Traditional argument?
Argument that attempts to prove pornography is wrong
Why is pornography wrong?
1. Sexually explicit
2. Sex is a dirty thing (wrong)
3. Pornography creates crime and violence
What is Epistemology?
The branch of philosophy that studies the nature of knowledge
What did Aristotle say about people and politics?
People are by nature political animals.