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Define Ethics
Ethics is the philosophy of what is really right or wrong. It is more of a universal right or wrong, as opposed to right or wrong dictated by culture, customs, religions or social rules.
Why isn't morality the same as law ?
What is legal isn't always moral and visa-versa.
Why isn't morality the same as religion ?
What is moral according to the religions guidelines and teachings may not always be moral to other people and other religions
What is a moral argument ?
A moral argument consists of premises, the first being a moral standard that together with the other premises leads to and strongly supports a conclusion that has a moral judgement.
Define Utilitarianism
Utilitarianism is based on the Principle of Utility which is defined as maximizing benefit and minimizing harm for the greatest number concerned.
Whtat are the 6 points of Utilitarianism ?
1. Consider the aggregate or net benefit of at least 2 options.
2. Who is affected ?
3. Anything in principle can be moral (refer to POU)
4. Keep long term benefits/harms in mind
5. Nothing is certain
6. Remember yourself
Kant's 1st Categorical Imperative
We should always act in such a way that we can will the maxim of our action to become univeral law.
Kant's 2nd Categorical Imperative`
Never treat another person solely or merely as a means to an end, but only as an end in themselves.
What are Des Jardins two views of the workplace ?
Instrumental & Professional View
What is Des Jardins Instrumental View ?
Individuals are simply a means to an end. Their role is primarily defined by money, not by the worker. Workers are interchangable.
What is Des Jardins Professional View ?
The positions that individuals occupy are valuable in themselves and not just as a means to some other end. Fulfilling and worthwhile work.
What are the four features of Capitalism ?
Companies, Profit, Competition and Private Property
Define Companies (in regards to capitalism)
Companies are like a person...even though they may be made up of many.
Define Profit (in regards to Capitalism)
Profit is based on the fact that human beings are basically economic creatures who recognize and are motivated by their own economic self-interest.
Define Competition (in regards to Capitalism)
Competition regulates the prfits via a doctrine of laissez faire which means doing nothing and allowing the people to do as they choose.
Define Private Property (in regards to Capitalism)
Private property is not just physical objects, it also applies to intellectual objects, like ideas and patents and stocks.
Define the two moral justifications for Capitalism
Natural right to property (he who works the land should be entitled to it/fruits of their labor.

Adam Smith's concept of the Invisible Hand. Free and unrestrained market system is more efficient and more productive than other possible system.
Explain two criticisms of Capitalism
Inequality - disparity between those that buy and those that build.

Exploitation and Alienation - Paid less than the value they create. They have no true connection to the finished product.
Define Narrow Responsibility
Mainly on maximizing proofit. (dotcoms)
Define Broad Responsibility
In conjuction with making a profit, corporations also have a responsibility to the consumers, to their employees, and to society at large.
Explain Due Care
The idea consumers and sellers do not meet as equals and that the consumers interests are particularly vulnerable to being harmed by the manufacturer, who has knowledge and expertise the consumer does not have. "Prevents the consumer from being injured by defective products"
Explain strict product liability
The manufacturer of a product has legal responsibilities to compensate the suer fo that product for injuries suffered because the product's defective condition made it unreasably dangerous, even though the manufacturer has not been negligent in permitting that defect to occur.
Buddhism vs. Capitalism
Buddhism strives toward a work environment where everyone who is interested in working can. It also is focused on maximum well-being with the minimum of consumption.
Types of deception in advertising
Ambiguity; Concealed facts; Exaggeration; Phychological appeals
What are Rawl's two principles
1. Each person is to have equal right to the most extensive total system of equal basic liberties compatible with a similar system of liberty for all.

2. Social and economic inequalities are to satisfy two conditions - 1) open to all & 2) greatest expected benefit of the least advantaged members of society.
What is Nozick's theory ?
(Inherit it) Property rights grow out of one's basic moral rights, either reflecting one's initial creation or appropriation of the product.
Utilitarian view of equality of income
A more egalitarian allocation of income, an allocation that increase the income of those who now earn less - would boost total happiness.
Three aspects of moral responsbility
1) Holding people morally accountable for some past action.
2) One's accountatbility for the care, welfare, or treatment of others as derived from the specific social role that one plays.
3) One's capacity for making moral or rational decisions on one's own.