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What is Psychological Egoism?
-Every Human is motivated by self interest
Is there such thing as an ARTUISTIC action?
in REALITY what is "ALTRUISTIC" behavior connected with?
The desire to have a more significant life, the desire for public recongition, feelings of personal satisfaction, and the hope of heaven as a reward.
Is altruistic a normative theory?
Altruistic is a _______ claim about human nature.
What does "strategy of reinterpreting motives" mean?
We can always come up with an explanation for behavior such as psyc.Egoism is true.
What is the strategy of reinterpreting motives showing about P.E?
That it is just possible. Falsity not provable in either direction.
Arugument: We always do what we most want to do...what is this argument?
Ultimately, every time we voluntarily act, we are doing what we want to do most, so why should any action deserve praise?
What are rachels (3) objections to the "what we want most" argument?
1.what about things we do because they are a neccessary means to something else we want?
2. to something else we do out of duty?
3. selfishness is determinded by the object of our desire, not the desire itself.
Argument: That we do what makes us feel good- what is this?
people who do seemingly altruistic acts feel good about those actions, so they're really getting something selfish out of it all-their own warm fuzzy feelings.
what are rachels arguments for the "feels good" argument?
Do they type of things we do to make us feel good determine what kind of person we are? (selfish or unselfish?)
what are the 3 confusions for chapter 5?
1. selfishness with self-interestedness.
2. self-interestedness with hedonism
3. assuming self-interestedness is incompatible with other concernedness
What is selfishness?
ignors interests of others when they shouldn't be ignored.
what is self-interestedness?
attends to one's own interests, but not that the expense of others.
What is Hedonism?
morally correct action is always to pursue one's own pleasures and avoid pain
Hedonism is the subject of ____ ____, and is not the same as _____________.
Hedonism- pursuing pleasure is ___ always in one's ____- _____. Example?
not; self-interest; smoking
how/why is smoking proven false in P.E?
we don't always act in self interest...smoking isn't a self-interest.
what is False dichotomy?
wanting what is best for oneself does not rule out wanting what is best for others as well.
What does Rachels think are the deepest errors in chapter 5- P.E? (give 1 reason)
1.P.E is irrefutable
Testability requirement- explain this?
for a theory to carry any weight, we must be able to say what it would be like to prove it false.
Chapter 5-rachels opinion of the errors: There must be some imaginable conditions that could prove it ____, otherwise the theory is _____.
false; vacuous.