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What are some medical war crimes or unethical studies that have made the scientific community to instate a code of ethics.
Nuroburk Code: a principle of code ethics
Doc. before tested on ppl by placing them in freezing temps. to see how long they last
and the The Tuskegee Syphilis Study
What is The Tuskegee Syphilis Study ?
Study back males with syphilis, w/o consent. One half a group got an experimental drug and another half didn’t get the drug.
What are the 5 pinciples that sociologist need to make their research ethical ? and explain
1. Voluntary Participation
2. No harm to participants
3. Anonymity and confidentiality
4. Deception must be justified by compelling scientific concerns
5. Researchers must be honest about their findings and research
What is informed consent?
subjects in a study must base their voluntary participation on a full understanding of the possible risks involved
what is the difference between Anonymity and confidentiality ?
Anonymity: The researcher cannot identify a given response with a given respondent
Confidentiality: Researcher can identify a given person’s responses but promises not to do so publicly
What does it mean to be 'public domain?'
Certain information is required to be informed into third party by law: if there is potential harm to other, one self, children, or infectious diseases
What is the IRB?
Institutional Review Boards – institutional committee’s that review proposals for the ethical dimensions
- review projects
- ensure harm to partisipant is minimal
- may refuse any projects
Is deception accepted in Social Research? Under what conditions?
Yes, when there is no other way of gaining the answer.