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What is the MAIN purpose of the Ethics Code?
What else does the code do?
- protect the public
- provides minimum standards for psychologists & used to act on ethical complaints
Are the general principles aspirational or enforceable?
Are the standards aspirational or enforceable?
- aspirational
- enforceable
Does the ethical code apply to behavior in professional, personal, or both settings?
- professional only
Is the ethical code exhaustive?
- no just because not stated in the code doesn't mean it is ethical/unethical
If ethics > law, which do you follow?
If ethics conflict w/law, what do you do?
- ethics
- attempt to find a compromise
If you want to practice in a new field of psychology, what should you do?
- obtain training and supervised experience in the new area
What are the 2 situations where you'd be able to practice outside of competence bounds?
- in an emergency & when services are unavailable
When you complete an assessment how much information should be given to the client?
- a FULL, but clear explanation should be given
What does sua sponte mean?
- The ethics committee can act on its own even if a formal complaint was not filed
What 4 course of action can the ethics committee take?
- dismiss charges
- recommend sanction
- formal charges
- stipulated resignation
The mnemonic for the 5 general principles is Be Noticed For Running In the Jump Rope. What are the 5 general principles?
- Benevolence & Nonmalfience
- Fidelity & Responsibility
- Integrity
- Justice
- Respect for Rights
What should you do if another psych is unethical?
First attempt to resolve the issue with them directly
If someone has a complaint against them and interviews for at job @ your agency, what should you do?
You cannot discriminate based solely upon someone having an ethical complaint against them
What 3 things need to be defined when providing services via third party?
- the relationship boundaries
- services to be given
- limits of confidentiality
What is the difference between privacy and confidentiality?
What has privacy?
privacy is a legal right, confidentiality is a code of conduct - the patient has the right to privacy
What decision arose due to the Tarasoff case?
Duty to warn & Duty to protect potential victims in CURRENT danger
When you should report child abuse?
whenever reasonable SUSPICION
When advertising, why can't you solicit testimonials from current clients?
because they may be vulnerable
Is it ethical/unethical to waive copayments?
Is it ethical/unethical to barter for payment?
- unethical
- ethical if not exploitative
If you're servicing someone already in therapy? You should...
minimize risk of confusion by discussing issues w/client
what is the most frequently filed APA complaint?
why do psychs engage exhibit the behaviors of this complaint?
- sexual misconduct
- for their own personal gains
Who should you never counsel?
former partners
How do the speciality guidelines differ from the ethical code?
- they are more specific and are for the 4 applied areas of psychology
What does the EPPP exam assess?
What type of validity does it have?
- basic psych knowledge
- content
What is the role of managed care?
What is a utilization review?
What is quality assurance?
- to limit services to those that are necessary
- documentation of medical necessity
- assessing adequacy & availability of health care
Can psychs advertise in the newspaper?
Yes but can't be misleading
Are sexual relationships ok w/students? What if you don't teach them but they're in your dept.?
No to both
What happens if there's a dual relationship with a client?
Dual relationships should be discussed
What is the purpose of the licensing boards?
to protect the public
When can a client be legally confined (via hospital &/or jail)?
harm to self &/or others
When is the ONLY time you can disclose information w/out consent?
Harm to self or POTENTIAL harm to others
In research studies at what time can the participant withdraw?
They're ALWAYS free to withdraw
What does HIPAA apply to?
electronic transmission of client info.
What do the state laws say about breaching confidentiality about HIV?
they are inconsistent
When can you treat someone?
What if the person is in jail?
- only w/consent
- doesn't matter still need consent
What should you do before counseling client?
- rule out medical conditions so may need to refer for a medical eval.
Do you need consent to release client info.?
some of the time
How does managed care reduce liability?
What is utilization review? Why is it used?
- make sure practicioners are credentialed
- document medical necessity
- to reduce costs
What 3 things must psychs keep in a clients record?
- fees
- treatment plans
- services given
What should you do if divorcing parents don't want you to share info. with the other spouse?
- contact each spouse's attorney to the relationship (this is an example of a third party issue)
How long can psychs keep client records?
What must be done with old records?
How can records be saved?
- as long as needed
- must note that the records are old
- in any media
What should you do if client owes you $ and wants their file released to another psych?
- release the file
- contact new psych to get client's contact info
What is quality assurance? What does the quality assurance look @?
- adequacy & availability of services
- treatment effectiveness, client satisfaction, & access to treatment
What makes a lawsuit successful?
sufficient harm
When can you break confidentiality?
only if danger to self or others