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"the unexamined life is not worth living"
eat, drink, be merry
subjectivism and skepticism; there is no objective truth
all truth is subjective therefore there is no objective truth
you can't know anything
there is objective truth, but the meaning of life is subjective and cynicism
Meaning subjectivism
meaning of life is subjective
can only believe what you can prove
nihilism: reasons- experience of sages, and methodology
the meaning of life is meaningless
only matter matters
there is objective truth but there is no objective goodness, bad, right or wrong (those are subjective)
common with pluralism; ie: slavery, polygamy
area concerned with defending and explaining our faith
one's calling
Pluralistic post-modern culture
different age and those who are spreading Gospel have to recognize time culture; diversity
interiorization of the law
law is considered a gift and grace, really believeing reasons for doing something
sermon on the mount
calls disciples to put words into action; shows original will of God;given by Moses on Mt. Sinai
Great Commandment
love of God and neighbor; loving concern of others is love of God
What is a conscience?
A moral judgement of reason whereby the human person recognizes the moral quality of a concrete act that he is going to perform.
What are the 3 dimensions of moral conscience?
Knowing, deciphering, and making a decision.
What is healthy guilt?
Like a good friend it tells you what you need to hear.
Difference between guilt and shame...
guilt- signal of uncomfort with behavior
shame- always destructive
What is a virtue?
a habitual and firm disposition to do good.
What are the Cardinal virtues?
prudence- right reason in action
justice- constant will to give
fortitude- strengthens resistance to temptations
temperence- provides balance
What is Level One of Kohlberg's Theory and its stages?
Preconventional (Me, myself, and I)
Stage 1- Punishment Obedience Orientations
Stage 2- Personal Reward Orientation
What is Level Two of Kohlberg's Theory and its stages?
Conventional (what others think of me)
Stage 3- Good Boy Nice Girl
Stage 4- Law and Order Orientation
What is Level Three of Kohlberg's Theory and its stages?
Post-Conventional (Common Good)
Stage 5- social contract Orientation
Stage 6- Universal Ethical Principle
What is venial sin?
Morally evil actions/choices that do not spring from the deepest level of knowledge and freedom
What is mortal sin?
By which we freely/consciously reject God, His law, the covenant of love that God offers
What is social sin?
Describes the consequences of individual choices which form structures wherein people suffer various forms of destruction from exploitation
What is the fundamental norm of Natural Law?
Do good, avoid evil
What is the specific norm of Natural Law?
tendency to perservere in being, tendency toward procreation, tendency toward truth/cooperation
Responsible Dissent
progressive way of disagreement with church; Rules: no scandal, don't disrespect authority, and you must have a good reason
What are historical examples of responsible dissent?
St. Thomas Aquinas followed Aristotle's teachings which at the time were against the church. Mary Ward founded the Institution of Blessed Virgin Mary when women weren't allowed to follow Jesus