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What is DSMAC?
Digital Scene Matching Area Correlation
- Compares stored scenes with digitized optical images of the ground to each scene stored in data loaded into the missile.
What is TERCOM?
Terrain Contour Matching
- Obtains a geographic fix by comparing the elevation of the terrain over flown by the missile as measured by the missile to a terrain profile stored in the missile.
What are the two sides of TWCS (Tomahawk Weapon Control System)?
Track Control
- Database Management (DBM)
- Engagement Planning Track side execution.

Launch Control
-Missile mission matching
-Missile monitoring
-Launcher control and monitoring
-Missile launching
What does the GPS (Global Positioning System) do for TWCS?
Provides uplink from missile to GPS satellite for precise navigation and positioning.
How many modules comprise the MK 41 VLS system and how many cells are in each module?
Four modules FWD and eight AFT.
Eight cells per module.
How many missiles are we capable of holding onboard?
98 total
- 90 in VLS and 8 Harpoon
In what module is the strike-down crane in both launchers?
Module 5
How many cells do the strike down crane take up and what are their numbers?
Six, seven and eight
What is our max salvo?
Twenty four
Secondary max salvo is twenty two.

(Reason is a max salvo is one missile from each half-module, which is four cells. The half modules containing the strike-down crane only have only one missile, once that's shot off in the first max salvo, that half-module has no missile.)
How many types of TLAMs (Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles) do we have and what are their names?
"C" - charlie
"D" - delta
"E" - echo
What is the mission of a Charlie TLAM?
Carries a unitary warhead capable of hitting one target.
What is the mission of a Delta TLAM?
Carries a disbursing warhead capable of hitting multiple targets.
What is the mission of an Echo TLAM?
Carries a unitary warhead capable of re-direction.
What is the max range of the Charlie and Echo TLAMs?
1010 nm
What is the rate of fire of the Charlie and Echo TLAMs?
1 every 7 seconds.
Where are the parameters for all TLAMs monitored?
At the launch console.
What is the range of a Delta TLAM?
700 nm
What is the rate of fire for the Delta TLAM?
1 every 7 seconds.
What is the purpose of the Toxic Gas Dampers?
to close off outside intakes to prevent toxic gas from entering the ship.
What is a booster drop zone?
a predetermined area where the missile booster will drop (1.5 nm from the ship, 2000 yd circle.)
What types of tasking can the ship receive concerning TWS?
Launch Sequence Plan (LSP)
Explain LSP (Launch Sequence Plan)
A list of missions provided to firing units (FRU).
Informs FRU of possible INDIGO tasking in advance to ensure the FRU holds all missions.
Gives FRU advanced notice of what to expect for tasking to prevent suprises.
Explain INDIGO
Gives FRU permission to plan engagements.
Provides authorization to spin missiles.
Provides authorization to fire missiles upon CO's approval.
What is a waypoint?
A turn planned by the engagement planner in the flight of the missile.
-Must be less than 90 degrees.
-EP may insert up to five waypoints in the missile flight path.
What is the economic system in the United States?*
-capitalist economy
-market economy
What is Time on Top (TOT)?
The time the missile is to arrive at the target.
What is Time of Launch (TOL)?
Missile is launched at a certain time with no other time constraints.
How does STW interface with C&D?
STW does not interface with C&D.
How does STW interface with the Pre-processor control center?
This is not applicable.
TTWCS used a Tomahawk Equipment CAbinet (TEC) to store the operating program and mission history.
How does STW interface with Joint Maritime Command Information System (JMCIS)?
This is not applicable.
GONZALEZ uses GCCS-M (Global Command Control System - Maritime).
What is Tactical Data Information Exchange System (TADIXS)?
One of several communication paths for receiving mission data.
What are salvo alarms used for?
To warn of launch.
What is a dud?
A dud occurs after the missile booster fails to ignite after firing voltage has been applied.
What is a misfire?
This occurs when a firing order is sent to the missile, but doesn't get to the missile.
What is restrained fire?
Missile fails to leave the launcher after the booster ignites.