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Who is the CHENG and what is his duties and responsibilities?
CDR Cardoso
Overall in charge of the Engineering Dept.
Who is the DCA and what is his duties and responsibilities?
LCDR Humphrey
In charge of all damage control and fire fighting effects.
Who is the Fire Marshall?
CWO2 Derrick
How many repair lockers are there on board the USS Kitty Hawk?
What are the three material conditions of readiness and when are they set?
X-ray Threat to the ship is minimal
Yoke Set at sea and in port during wartime
Zebra Set during GQ, entering and leaving port, when the CO deems it need to be set.
What type of firemain system is on board the USS Kitty Hawk?
Composite Loop
What is the operating PSI for firemain on board the Kitty Hawk?
150 PSI +/- 25 PSI
How many zebra valves are in the firemain system?
How many fire pumps do we have on board?
What does EEBD stand for?
Emergensy Escapre Breathing Device
How long does the SCOTT/OCENCO EEBD last and what are it used for?
SCOTT 15 min
OCENCO 10 min
Used to get you out of a smoke filled space not for fire fighting effect.
What is the captain circuit?
What is the damage control circuit?
What is the emergency comm. circuit?
What is considered proper battle dress?
Long sleeve utility shirt button up, utility pants tucked inside socks, steel toe boots and flash gear.
What are the two size bottles that PKP come in, how long does it last and what is the effective range of it?
18 LB 19 FT 10 SEC
27 LB 21 FT 11 SEC
What size is the CO2 bottle, how long does it last and what is the effective range of it?
15 LB 4-6 FT 45 SEC
What doies MOPP stand for?
Mission Oriented Protective Posture
How many MOPP levels are there and what are their names?
What MOPP level do we carry our gas mask?
MOPP level 2
What MOPP level do we go to GQ?
MOPP level 3
How many decon station do we have on board USS Kitty Hawk and where are they located?
What are the three types of shoring?
What does 3M stands for?
Material and Maintenance Management
What does MSDS stands for?
Material Safety Data Sheet
What does MIP stands for?
Maintenance Index Page
What does LOEP stands for?
List Of Effective Pages
What does FR stands for?
Force Revision
What does FBR stands for?
Feed Back Report
What does WCS stands for?
Work Center Supervisor
What does MRC stand for?
Maintenance Requirement Card
What does EGL stand fore?
Equipment Guide List
Who approves the quarterly boards?
Department Head
Who approves the weekly boards?
Division officer
Name some calendar periodicity you will find on a MRC.
W-Weekly; D-Daily; M-Monthly; Q-Quarterly; S-Semiannully; A-Annual
What color is the danger tag?
What color is the caution tag?
What does JSN stand for?
Job Sequence Number
What does JCN stand for?
Job Control Number
What does PMS stand for?
Planned Maintenance System
What does the firest two numbers of the SYSCOM Control Number mean?
Month and Date
What is use to represent the month of ________ in the SYCOM control number?
What does CCOL stand for?
Compartment Check Off List
Where will you find the SYCOM control number?
In the lower right hand corner of the MRC
What are the three types of periodicity?
Calendar; Non-calendar; Inactive Equipment Maintenance
There are three size SCBA bottles what are they?
What size bottles do we carry on board the Kitty Hawk?
30 MIN and 45 MIN
What PSI is the SCBA bottle charged to?
4500 PSI
The SCBA face mask comes in how many different sizes?
What is the color liner you will find inside of the face mask?
Small - Green
Medium - Black
X-large - Red
What shipboard system is used to recharge SCBA's?
HP air
On the second stage regulator, air is reduced from what pressure to what breathable pressure?
100 PSI to .05 PSI
Where uses the 45 MIN SCBA bottles?
Fire team
Where is the vibralert located on the SCBA?
Second stage regulator
What is the time delay for HALON in a manned space?
60 sec
What is the time delay for HALON in an unmanned space?
30 sec
What number can you dial on board to report a casualty?
911 or 7555
What DCR's is designated as the secondary DC central?
Repair 3
What DCR's are designated to fight main space fires?
Repair 4 and 5
What is the proper AFFF to salt water ratio?
94% water; 6% AFFF
What is the power source and the parameters for the RAM fan 2000?
Firemain/2000 CFM
What are the three ways heat can transfer?
A standard fire hose length is?
50 FT
A vari-nozzle on a 1 1/2 inch hose within the skin of the ship is rated at what GPM?
95 GPM
What type of wood is used for shoring?
Yellow pine and Douglas Fir
While proceeding to GQ, Abandon ship, Man Overboard stations personnel are to transit the ship how?
Up and FWD on STBD
Down and AFT on Port