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What are the 6 areas that comprises Naval Doctrine?
Command&Control, Operations, Warfare, Logistics, Intellegence, Planning
What is Command and Control?
Provides basic concepts to fullfill the info needs of commanders,forces, and weapon's systems
What is Naval Planning?
Examines force planning and the relationship between our capabilities and opeational planning in the joint and multinational environment.
What are the seven principles of Naval Logistics?
What is the first ship named after an enlisted man?
Osmond Ingram DD255, 1st enlisted man killed in WWI
Discuss the Hand salute.
It was a gesture to raise their helmets and show who they were.
Discuss saluting the ensign.
arriving: salute ensign, then salute OOD
leaving: salute OOD,
then salute ensign.
Discuss dipping the ensign.
merchants, drop their flags to half mast, the warship then dips theirs and raises it back up. Never salutes first
Discuss gun salute.
Ships would disarm during salute to show friendly gesture.
What are the three classes of naval vessels during the inception of the Navy?
Ships of the Line 64-100
Frigates 28-44
Sloops of War 10-20
What is the importance of the Battle of Coral Sea?
First carrier to carrier battle
What is the importance of the Voyage of the Great White Fleet?
To show the strengh of the US Navy
What is the importance of the Battle of Normandy?
Largest Ambibious battle
What is the importance of the Midway?
Turning point in Pacific
What is the importance of Guadalcanal?
5 Sullivan brothers died