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what is the size of the discharge of the electric submersible pump?
2 1/2 inches
what type of liquids cannot be pumped using and electric submersible pump?
petrolem products, hot oils, heavy liquids
what is a shoring batten?
an instrument used for the rapid and accurate means of laying out and measuring shores
what is the maxium length of a wedge?
6 times the minimum butt thickness
what is the maxium length of a shore?
30 times the minimum butt thickness
how much pressure will the metal shore hold?
3-5 ft 20000 lbs fully closed and 12000 lbs fully extended
6-11 ft 20000 lbs fully closed and 6000 lbs fully extended
what are the different sizes of metal shores?
3-5 ft and 6-11 ft
what is the strongest type of shoring?
I type- because it uses direct pressure
what are the different types of shoring?
H, I, and K
what type of wood is used for pipe patching and why?
douglas fir and yellow pine because they absord water and expand to help seal rupture
jubilee patches can withstand how many pounds of pressure?
100 psi