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The steroid hormone receptor is a transmembrane or intracellular receptor?
intracellular receptor
What effect does activation of the estrogen receptor have on a cell (generic cell)
increases gene transcription
What effect does estrogen have on the endometrium?
causes growth and development
What effect does estrogen have on bone?
Decrease bone resorption
What effect does estrogen have on coagulation?
increases synthesis of some clotting factors
What are the primary causes of hypogonadism in females?
Primary failure of development of ovaries
Premature menopause
What happens to estrogen and FSH levels during menopause?
estrogen is low and FSH is high
What would you use to treat a patient with primary failure of the ovaries?
both estrogen and progestin
What will most likely help with hot flashed during menopause?
What will most likely help with osteoporosis during menopause?
Are exogenous estrogens cardioprotective during menopause?
No, increases risk of strokes, MI and DVT
What is the rationale for using progestins in combination with estrogen in a postmenopausal female with a uterus?
progestins decrease risk of endometrial cancer
What compound most likely causes the pain associated with dysmenorrhea?
What can inhibit the production of prostaglandins in the endometrium in a patient with dysmenorrhea?
NSAIDs or oral contraceptives
How do oral contraceptives suppress ovarian function in a patient with dysmenorrhea?
feedback inhibition of gonadotropin secretion by pituitary gland
Mono-, Bi- and Triphasic oral contraceptives are referring to the dose of estrogen or progestin?
How do oral contraceptives work to decrease ovulation?
Feedback on the hypothalamus and inhibit secretion of GnRH
What is responsible for the nausea, breast tenderness, fluid retention cause by an oral contraceptive?
What is responsible for the weight gain from an oral contraceptives?
progestins – increased fluid retention.
What is responsible for the acne from an oral contraceptive?
What is the MOA of clomiphene in inducing ovulation in with anovulatory infertility?
blocks the estrogen receptor in the hypothalamus to decrease the negative feedback inhibition of pulsatile GnRH release.
What happens to FSH and LH levels with clomiphene?
What effect does tamoxifen have on the endometrium, bone, and breast.
bone and endometrium – activates estrogen receptor
breast – blocks estrogen receptor to treat estrogen receptor positive breast cancer.
Why do you not use tamoxifen to treat osteoporosis?
activation of ER on endometrium can increase incidence/risk of cancer
What is the MOA of anastrozole in the treatment of breast cancer
inhibits the conversion of androgens to estrogens and blocks estrogens’ grown promoting effects on breast cancer cells
What is the MOA of danazol in the treatment of endometriosis?
It decreases FSH and LH surge, thereby decreasing estrogen production and ultimately causes atrophy of ectopic endometrial tissue
What does mifepristone do?
blocks progesterone receptors to terminate pregnancy
What drugs are used to treat endometriosis?
oral contraceptives and danazol
What hormonal therapy is used to treat ER positive breast cancer?
tamoxifen and aromatase inhibitors