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True / False

Mental processing that takes place without our awareness cannot influence conscious experience or behavior.
True / False

Sleep is a time of mental inactivity.
True / False

The only way to know if you dreamed last night is if you remember your dream.
True / False

You can be hypnotized against your will.
True / False

Marijuana is a harmless and safe psychoactive drug.
Vince was stacking soda cans at the grocery store when a customer asked, "Where can I find frozen pizzas?" Although Vince had not been thinking of the frozen food aisle, he easily retrieved the information and told the customer. From what level of consciousness did Vince retrieve this information?
Helen had noticed advertisements for Frida's Fabulous Fritters on television several times but had never had a fritter. When shown fritters of four different brands and asked which one she liked best, she picked Frida's. Helen's choice is most consistent with
The mere-exposure effect.
Ted and Harry purchased subliminal tapes whose boxes were switched. Ted thinks he bought a tape that will help him overcome his fear of flying but he actually got a tape meant to improve interpersonal communication. Harry thinks he bought a tape that will improve his interpersonal communication but actually got a tape meant to reduce fear of flying. Research on subliminal tapes predicts that
Ted will overcome his fear of flying whereas Harry will improve his interpersonal communication.
Freddie listens to a song that when played backward appears to encourage the listener to smoke marijuana. What effect will this "backwardly masked" message have on Freddie?
There will be no effect.
At the sleep clinic, Geraldo was laughing as Joy, the receptionist, told him a joke about a sleepwalker. Suddenly, he collapsed and fell on the floor. Joy knew not to worry. Being familiar with sleep disorders, she was sure that Geraldo was suffering from
At the sleep clinic, Joy, the receptionist, has likely seen more people suffering from which of the following conditions?
Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.
In court, the defendant claimed that she was not guilty of killing her husband because she suffered from a sleep disorder. An expert witness testified that the disorder might lead her to act out violent dreams. The disorder is called
REM behavior disorder.
Sam, the truck driver, is driving cross-country. He was promised a bonus for delivering his load early, so he is trying to do without sleep. He has now been awake for 42 hours. He is concerned that if he doesn't stop soon, he'll fall asleep at the wheel. His brain is probably experiencing an increase in the neurotransmitter
"I dreamed that I found a big black box with a lock on it. I searched everywhere for the key but couldn't find it. Then I woke up," Jenny told Dr. Gold, a Freudian psychiatrist. "What does my dream mean?" Dr. Gold is most likely to interpret the dream content as consisting of
Forbidden, unconscious wishes.
Dan has been hypnotized. While in the trance, he is asked to talk about the school play in which he participated in fourth grade. Dan not only describes the memory but also acts as if he were ten years old. Dan's behavior is an example of
Age regression.
When the hypnotist told the four volunteers that they were really marble statues, all four immediately froze into position. The hypnotist suspected that one of them was not hypnotized and was faking. After four more suggestions, he was sure. Can you tell which of the following was likely to be faking?
Tanya, who looked very embarrassed when members of the audience laughed.
George and a group of friends went to a nightclub that featured a hypnotist. One of the people in their group, Ed, volunteered to be a subject. As they watched Ed crowing like a rooster at the hypnotist's suggestion, George remarked, "There is no magic about this whole hypnosis thing. Ed is just having fun doing what he thinks a hypnotized person would do. He probably saw something like it on television." George would probably be most inclined to agree with which theory of hypnosis?
Role theory.
A couple of hours ago, Ted smoked a cigarette. He now begins to feel the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms, so he has another cigarette. Which of the following best describes Ted's condition?
Which of the following persons has developed a drug tolerance?
Fred, who used to fall asleep after taking one sleeping pill, but now needs to take three or four to get the same effect.
At her first college party, Maja had too much to drink and eventually passed out. Consequently, the next morning, she will probably not be able to remember
Who she spoke to at the party.
It's 10:00 P.M. Two women and two men are sitting in Joe's bar drinking alcohol. They all weigh about the same, have had the same amount to drink, and are drinking at the same speed. Which one is likely to be most affected by the alcohol?
Maria, who is on a new fad diet and only eats one meal at midnight.
After her husband passed away, Betty started to take sleeping pills every night. What can she expect if she continues to take them over a long period of time?
Her sleeping patterns will become much more distorted and unpredictable than they were before.
Lynn asked her roommate for a drug that would help her to stay alert all night in order to win free concert tickets on a radio contest. Which drug did her roommate recommend?
Which of the following people is affecting the levels of GABA, endorphins, dopamine and other neurotransmitters in her brain?
Mindy, who is drinking alcohol.
Doctor Robbins is treating Mrs. Lewis, a cancer chemotherapy patient, with a daily dose of marijuana. Consequently, she will probably have difficulty with which activity?
Which of the following conditions is not an altered state of consciousness?
Being awake and active.
Laverne hooks Shirley up to an EEG. When the EEG shows a dramatic increase in the frequency of brain waves, Laverne concludes that Shirley is in what stage of sleep?
Linus observes Lucy as she sleeps. Watching the EEG, he says, "stage 2 . . . stage 3 . . . stage 4. . . ." If Lucy is experiencing a normal sleep cycle, which stage of sleep should the EEG detect after stage 4?
Stage 3.
What is the "paradox" in paradoxical, or REM sleep?
Although the muscles are overly relaxed during REM sleep, the other body systems are quite active.
Who will most likely spend the highest percentage of her time asleep in REM sleep?
Beulah, age six months.
Keiko has been feeling very tired recently, even though she has been getting at least eight hours of sleep every night. She goes to the doctor and finds out that she stops breathing while she sleeps. In other words, she has the sleep disorder known as
Sleep apnea.
Which of following people suffers from a sleep disorder that specifically involves REM sleep?
Chris, who has narcolepsy.
A friend tells you that she worries about her newborn infant coming down with SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Which of the following would be the most helpful advice to offer?
"Quit smoking in her presence."
Joy volunteered to participate in an experiment that requires her to live in an underground chamber for two months. During that time, she will not be permitted to wear a watch and the chamber has no radio, television, telephone, computers, or any other appliance that can be used to discern the time. Consequently, she will have no way to tell the time or even if it's day or night. The researchers expect Joy's circadian rhythm to
Remain at around 24 hours.
On spring break, Nick travels north to Canada, Ernie travels east to Maryland, Scott travels south to Texas, and William travels west to California. Who will most likely experience symptoms similar to jet lag when he arrives at his destination?
Ahmad is a geologist who sometimes works underground for several days in a row. While he is underground, Ahmad no longer gets information from the sun about whether it is night or day; but he still goes to sleep at about the same time as usual. Ahmad's internal clock for sleep is controlled by his
Suprachiasmatic nucleus.
Priscilla did not get much sleep during final exam week. On the second night after her finals ended, she most likely experienced
A substantially higher amount of REM sleep than usual.
Which of the following people is most probably experiencing REM sleep?
Nicole, who is dreaming.
Which of the following describes "lucid dreaming"?
Knowing that you're dreaming while you're having a dream.
Ron, being a veteran hypnotist, knew that he would have better luck trying to hypnotize someone ________ than someone ________.
With a rich imagination; who lacks imagination.
Manuel is meditating while hooked up to an EEG. The EEG output should look similar to that of a person in
A relaxed waking state.
Krista has taken a drug that will not allow the neurotransmitter dopamine to bind to any receptors in her brain. Krista has most likely taken
A dopamine antagonist.
Which of the following people is not taking a stimulant?
Curt, who is taking LSD.
Shaun was addicted to a stimulant that reduces drowsiness and raises urine production. He went through withdrawal for a week and experienced headaches, fatigue, shakiness, and craving. Shaun was addicted to
George has taken a stimulant that causes him to have visual hallucinations. It also makes him feel a closeness with other people. Physically, though the drug is not addictive, it does result in jaw muscle spasms and in high enough doses can cause the destruction of the serotonin-containing neurons in George's brain. George has taken
MDMA or Ecstasy.