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Shared, socially transmitted knowledge and behavior
Cultural identity
The cultural tradition a group of people recognize as their own; the shared customs and beliefs that define how a group sees itself as distinctive.
A territorially distinct and largely self-perpetuating group whose members have a sense of collective identity and who share a common language and culture.
Enculturation (socialization)
The transmission of culture to succeeding generations by means of social learning.
Patterns of behavior
The behaviors that most people perform when they are in certain culturally defined situations.
A social position in a group, with its associated and reciprocal rights (privileges) and duties (obligations).
Shared ideas and expectations about how certain people ought to act in given situations.
Shared ideas or standards about the worthwhileness of goals and lifestyles.
Objects, behaviors, and so forth whose culturally defined meanings have no necessary relationship to their inherit physical qualities.
Cultural constructions
The ways the members of a culture perceive social and natural reality and divide reality into categories that are culturally variable.
World view
The way a people interpret reality and events, including how they see themselves in relation to the world around them.