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attention getter > commentary (basic info) > thesis sentence
Topic sentences > Claim > commentary/support > Concluding commentary (transistions?)
re-state thesis (may be part of summary- in own words or may be quote) > commentary including importance of info in essay > attention holder
Thesis Sentence
sentence iwth a subj. and opinion which narrows the topic of an esay (main idean), briefly supports the opinion / claim, a clear and concise sentence, not an obvious opinion
Topic Sentences
sub topic, contains commentary/suports, acts as a mini thesis sentence by focusing the paragraph, directly connected to tesis: comes fom or leads to the thesis
Attention getter
enticing statement which catches the readers interest
Commentary/ support
explanations, analysis, interpretation, response, reactions, reflection
fact, opinion, statement you are tryig to support
concluding commentary/ transistion
final statement on a sub topic or statement that leads to the next subtopic