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How do you enhance character developement
1) coaches as role models
2) punish and praise when appropriate
3) discuss sportspersonship and honesty
what are some ethical violations
- playing injured players
- running up the score
- deliberately injuring
- recruiting
- over practicing
what is reinforcement
the use of rewards and punishments that increase or decrease the likelihood of a similar response in the future
what are the approaches to personality theory
- situational approach
- interactional approach
- trait approach
what makes up personality
- psychological core
- typical responses
- role based behavior
what is morality in sport?
our beliefs and judgements or actions as to what is right and wrong, eithical and unethical; consisting of fair play, sportspersonship and character
what are the sources of motivation?
- personal
- societal
- activity dimension
- coach-training
motivating strategies
- competition
- keep statistics
- organization
- tradition
how to acheive intrinsic motivation
- allow moments of success
- reward based on behavior
- vary content of drills
- involve the players in decisions
- set realistic goals
punishment is bad because...
- provides fear of failure
- draws attention to undesireable behavior
- undermines learning environment
some common issues in youth sports
- too much emphasis on winning
- childcare issues
- injuries
- parent involvement
- time committment
- safety
- cost
Basic needs of a child
- success
- to move
- compete
- love and acceptance
- explore and experiment
look for coaches that...
- not focused on winning
- focused on learning
- desire to win doesn't empede developement
stages of development
- cognitive
- associative
- autonomous