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dar las gracias
to thank, be grateful
pensar en
to think of, about, over; to intend
ganarse la vida
to earn a living
ir de compras
to go shopping
estar de luto
to be in mourning
dar una vuelta
to walk,stroll
dar el pésame por
to extend sympathy for
a carta cabal
throughly, fully, in every respect
por casualidad
by chance, by the way, incidentlly
poco a poco
little by little, gradually
estar de moda
to be stylish, fashionable
de nuevo
preocuparse por
to worry about
preguntar por
to inquire about, ask about a person
por lo menos
at least
iday vuelta
round trip
hacer cola
to stand in line; to line up
se me ocurre
it occurs to me; it crosses my mid
de todas meneras
no matter what; in any case
hasta la fecha
up to now
frente a
in front of
equivocarse de
to be mistaken about something
decidirse a
to make up one's mind, decide to
de enfrente
directly opposite in location, in front of; across the street
alegrarse de
to be glad about
acabar de (+ infinitivo)
to have just done something
por lo visto
apparently, evidently
pasar un buen rato
to have a good time
parece mentira
it hardly seems possible
lo de menos
of little importance; insignificant