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Senora, que clase de choines te gusta?
Maam what type of panties do you like?
Si te permito de hacer eso, prometa me que no lo digas a nadien.
If I let you do this do that, promise you wont tell anyone.
Aye dios, es tan pequeno parece un salchica.
Oh god, its so small - looks like a small hotdog.
Hechale gas cabron!
Give it gas asshole!
Yo vengo del lado oeste - a ti que te importa hijo de puta?
Im from the west side, what it matter to you motherfucker?
Acuestate en tu estomago, cierre la boca y ni me hablas.

(good for first date)
Lay down on you stomach, close your mouth and dont say a word to me.
Sabes que, a mi eso me vale mierda.
Know what? That dont mean shit to me.
Donde puedo encontrar cerveza barato y nalga alegre?
Where can I find cheap beer and easy ass?

Alegre means happy, yet is also used in this form for "loose women"
Ya tienes 15 minutos hablando, y todavia no veo tus tetas - tenemos un problema.
You have been talking 15 minutes and I still havent seen your breasts - we have a problem.
Viejas gordas son como un motoped - divertido, pero un verguenza.
Fat women are like mopeds - fun but shameful...