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Imperfect endings for Verbs
-ar aba, abas, aba, abamos, aban
-er/ir ia, ias, ia, iamos, ian
Imperfect Irregular Verbs
ir iba, ibas, iba, ibamos, iban
ser era, eras, era, eramos, eran
ver veia, veias, veia, veiamos, veian
haber habia
Perterite endings for Verbs
-ar e, aste, o, amos, aron
-er/ir i, iste, io, imos, ieron
Preterite Irregulars
-car yo form qu
-gar yo form gu
-zar yo for c
Then the rest are the same as Regulars
Preterite of Ser and Ir
to be and to go

fui, fuiste, fue, fuimos, fueron
Preterite of -ir stem changing verbs
servir (to serve) servi, serviste, sirvio, servimos, sivieron

dormir (to sleep) dormi, dormiste, durmio, dormimos, durmieron
Preterite of dar (to give), leer, creer, oir
di, diste, dio, dimos, dieron
lei, leiste, leyo, leimos, leyeron
crei, creiste, creyo, creimoos, creyeron
oi, oist, oyo, oimos, oyeron
Irregular Preterites
tener tuve, tuviste, tuvo, tuvimos, tuvieron
venir vine, viniste, vino, vinimos, vinieron
decir dije, dijiste, dijo, dijimos, dijeron
Other Irregulars in Preterite
poder pude, pudiste, pudo...
poner puse, pusiste, puso...
saber supe, supiste, supo...
estar estuve, estuviste, estuvo...
querer quise, quisiste, quiso...
hacer hice, hiciste, hizo, hicimos, hicieron
traer traje, trajiste, trajo, trajimos, trajeron
conducir conduje, condujiste, condujo
traducir traduje, tradujiste, tradujo...
Uses of Imperfect
-habitual or repeated action
-events or actions that were in progress
-physical characteristics
-mental or emotional states
-time telling
Preterite vs. Imperfect
-express actions that are viewed be speaker as completed
-express beginning or end of a past action
-narrate a series of past actions or events
-describe an ongoing past action w/ no reference to its beginning or end
-express habitual past actions/events
-describe physical & emotional states or characteristics
Impersonal "se"
used w/ verbs
*caer- to fall, drop
*danar- to damage, to break down
*olvidar- to forget
*perder (e:ie)- to lose
*quedar- to be left behind
*romper- to break (an object)
*prohibir- to prohibit (when saying NO)
*buscar- to look for/sought for
Used only in 3rd person forms (like gustar)
Impersonal "se" for unplanned events
se+indirect object pronoun+verb+subject

Se me cayo la pluma.