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Which English to teach?
McArthur 2003
1. written conventions are similar world0wide
2. used by new media
3. usage relate to social class and education
Negative consequences to picking standard
1. native speaker model may be unattainable
2. insisting on a standard may devalue other varieties
3. teaching standard may promote discrimination
Acquisition/ Learning Hypothesis
conscious vs. unconscious; acquisition pitters off around puberty, but metalanguage still exists
Natural Order Hypothesis
not logical for an adult, not an pedagogical order, a semi-natural order
Monitor Hypothesis
conscious rules work to edit acquired knowledge, like a fixer upper. can be overused or underused
Input Hypothesis
put teaching at the i+ level, use something simlilar to motherese. use simpler grammar, slow pace, use extra linguistic cues, increase redunancy
Affective Filter Hypothesis
if there is less outside distraction and influence, there will be more learning. Motivation (understandable, relatable, integratable)
1. approach--nature of language learning
2. design--objectives, syllabi, roles, materials
3. procedure--techniques, behaviors, times, space, equipment